Oral Sex Enhancers for You and Your Partner

A lot of people might argue that there’s no need to enhance oral sex, and maybe they’re right! But have you ever heard of making a good thing, great? There are numerous tools and products designed to make oral easier, feel better, and be more enjoyable overall for you and your partner. Besides, sometimes oral can be a little hard to master, so why not employ the use of a few toys to help enhance things a bit?

Oral candy

Perhaps one of the easiest (and tastiest!) ways to enhance oral sex for you and your partner, is by using an oral sex enhancer such as the BJ Blast candy. Providing a tingly sensation, this candy is cheap and comes in three promising flavours, all of which taste great!

It’s important to note, however, that BJ Blast is made from real sugar, and is therefore not recommended for vaginal oral sex, as it can cause yeast infections and other complications. Your man will love it, though, and you’ll get your sweet fix, so it’s still a win-win!

Flavoured lube

I’m sure you’ve heard before that eating sweet foods, such as pineapple, can help change your ‘taste’. While there is no solid evidence surrounding this claim, there certainly is one thing that is guaranteed to make you taste good – lube! Lubricant can really enhance oral sex by making everything taste and feel better, and some lubes offer different sensations such as tingling and warming to increase pleasure even more.

There are a range of lubricants out there to suit any flavour preference, making this the perfect tool to customise to you and your partner. Try the Lic-o-licious Oral Delight Cream, specifically created to be used during oral. This product is available in a variety of flavours that are sure to please every tastebud!

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Labia enhancer

The Oral Enhancing Labia Spreader is something a bit different for the ladies! This product helps to enhance oral by sitting inside the vagina, with the flexible ends spreading the labia and moulding to fit any shape and size. Its design essentially exposes your most sensitive parts, so your man or woman will have no trouble returning the favour, making things easier for both of you.

Throat spray

If you’re struggling to give those mind-blowing blowjobs your partner always dreamed of, then a numbing throat spray could be a game changer! The Sensuva Throat Relaxing Spray is designed to desensitise your throat, allowing for gag-free blowjobs and zero discomfort. This can make giving much more enjoyable, and he’ll love receiving with your new skills!

For the solo gals

While this article is aimed at couples, there’s plenty of options for all of you single gals! Just when you thought your chance of regular oral was over, the Womanizer Pro was introduced. Created to simulate the feeling of oral, this product features 12 intensity levels, whisper mode for those who need to be discreet, and up to 4 hours battery life. With dozens of designs and colours, this toy may just be your new best friend!

Next time you’ve hit a rut in your sex life, try out one of these must-have oral enhancers to step things up a notch and really get things flowing!

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