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Ah the beloved V-Day is here, cue the cringey Instagram posts and PDA. But, let’s level up our gift game. No more roses or boxed chocolates for your bae! Check out some of our gift ideas for your S/O this lovers day.

Love languages are so important in an intimate relationship. Recognising your partner’s love language will strengthen your connection and bring you closer together. So why not give your S/O something that will really make them feel the love.

If you don’t know your partner’s love language, get them to take this test! Click here

Physical Touch 

Some people just love that extra bit of touch, whether it’s a cuddle, a kiss, holding hands or a massage. That is how they really feel cared about. If your partner feels loved through physical touch, we suggest gifting them a Weighted Blanket! These are perfect for the lonely nights when you just want a hug. The blanket almost mimics someone holding you!

Word of Affirmation 

Reading some beautiful words from your partner really can make your heart flutter. So this Valentine’s day, give your partner a beautiful piece of Jewellery or a Watch that has some special engraving on it.

Some ideas could be –

  • Coordinates of where you met
  • Coordinates of a special place 
  • A quote or saying that is said in your relationship
  • A special date  

Acts of Service 

If your partner feels the love when you do something for them. Acts of Service is their love language! So, why not treat them this Valentine’s day with a surprise Home Cooked dinner and R+R evening. Cook up their favourite meal ( serve it and do the dishes too! ) and surprise them with either a bought spa treatment day or one at home including: Massage, Foot Spa, Bath and a Facial.

Gift Giving 

If gift giving is your partner’s Love Language don’t freight! I know it can be a lot of pressure but never fear we are here. Create something with meaning and love in your Valentine’s day gift like a ‘5 Senses Gift Box.’ Pick up something that will satisfy their sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. You can go as crazy or as relaxed for this which is why it is perfect!

Quality Time 

Your boo just loves chilling out and being in your presence. Ain’t that sweet! Valentine’s day for them is all about just being with you, doing something you both enjoy. So, why not surprise them and really create some quality time with a staycation! Whether you go 15 minutes down the road or 2 hours away, separate yourselves from normal life and just chill out for a weekend, just the 2 of you!

What are you getting your partner for V-Day?

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