The Do’s and Dont’s of a Summer Fling

Are you not ready for a committed relationship? With summer coming up that means one thing only… A summer romance! Everyone loves a little summer fling. You can go on dates, hang out at each other’s houses, go on adventures and get comfortable with each other. With the added benefit of no necessary commitment. So we have some do’s and don’t’s on how to navigate around your summer fling.

DO Talk about expectations

I know, I know, talking about feelings and expectations can be a bit like how you say ‘not sexy.’ But when venturing into the unknown it is always good to talk about what you want out of this experience and relationship. Make sure you are on the same page and have equal understanding of boundaries and expectations.

DO Take a summer romance for what it is

Sometimes after a few dates we can look at someone and think a situation is much bigger than it is. But remember what you initially set out to do. If both of you feel the same way then that’s amazing. But always refer back to what you both initially agreed on. This will save yourself from unnecessary heartbreak.

DO Use protection

Hey if that’s the plan better stay protected! You never know what may happen. Hormones will be rushing, you’re in the hot sun! Just remember to keep yourself safe.

DO Take Chances

Why not? It is the perfect opportunity to do something new. Try new foods. Go on new adventures. On the way you will learn to love and trust yourself. What more could you want out of a summer.

DON’T Stay Connected

As much as you want to ‘ Stay Friends ‘ unfortunately in this kind of situation it can get confusing with very blurred lines. Having each other on all social media platforms seems like the normal thing to do, but with a summer fling maybe just 1 or 2 is best. You’ve met a new person and it might be nice to have a random chat every so often but do not expect the best of friendships from each other once you have parted ways.

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