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travel hacks

Travel hacks: passports & permits

If you're heading overseas, it's a good idea to do a little planning to ensure you have a smooth trip. Check ...
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travel tips

My Best Travel Tips 2019

Traveling is an art; like any art form it requires a certain amount of practice and experience to master it. Mastering ...
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packing for travel

What’s in my bag: how to pack your life in a carry-on

There is an art to packing; learning how to balance essential items and airport security requirements will make you not only ...
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travel alone

Why I love to travel alone | Travellin’ ladies

If you’ve been waiting to plan the trip of your dreams but are too scared to do it alone, let me ...
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road trip songs

30 sing-along songs for an epic roadie

Plan an epic roadie with our top 30 songs that will have your and your friends singing at the top of ...
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travel money

Travel hacks: managing money

Don't worry about money while you're on your trip, check out these quick ideas so you can make the most out ...
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Lessons from travelling alone

4 lessons you learn from travelling solo

If you are thinking about heading off on a trip and don't have someone to travel with, it's great to know ...
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Protected: Recharge at Castaways Resort, Auckland’s Best Kept Secret

Relax and recharge at Castaways Resort, Auckland's best kept secret. Located on the west coast of Auckland, you'll love the serenity ...
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travel overseas

7 ways to save for an overseas holiday

If you're looking at planning your next overseas adventure but you're a bit light in the money department, check out these ...
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road trip

Tips for planning an epic road trip

Thinking about hitting the road this summer to check out our beautiful country? Before you pack up and leave, check out ...
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4 Tips You Need to Save for Travel

With most people two common obstacles stand in the way of embarking on their dream trip – not enough money, and ...
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