7 Safe Places to Travel as a Solo Woman

Just because the borders aren’t upon at the moment, doesn’t mean we aren’t still preparing for when we can hop on a plane next. With so many destinations in mind, I’ve started looking at ways to make the most of my overseas adventures – and that includes solo travel.

I know that travelling alone can feel pretty scary at times especially when you’re unfamiliar with the language and the customs of a different country. To help you feel confident enough to travel solo so you can experience the beauty of the world, I’ve found 7 places fellow travellers have deemed safe for women to travel alone in.

Remember, the best way to stay safe while adventuring overseas is to do a little research, always let someone at home know where you are and have your wits about you. Smiles and good vibes also go a long way.


✔︎ Northern lights

✔︎ Sledding

✔︎ Snow-capped mountains

Iceland’s nickname may be “The Land of Fire & Ice” but it is not as intimidating as it sounds. Solo travel is comfortable and easy here.

The city of Reykjavik is famous for its music scene and nightlife, so if you ever feel like making some new pals you will find travellers from all over the globe here!

There are countless reason to take a trip to Iceland, but I think its natural beauty really does shine through! Join a tour and snorkel or dive the Silfra Fissure and hike a glacier.

And don’t miss a bath at the beautiful Blue Lagoon!


The birth place of Drake and Joshua Jackson, one of our editors went there a few years ago on a solo trip and she can’t wait to go back.

Anyone and everyone should visit Canada at least once in their life!

Everywhere you go you will see incredible multiculturalism, beautiful landscapes and a fun time!

Canadians are known for being some of the friendliest people in the world, and if you ever visit it you will see why.


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✔︎ Chocolate

✔︎ Chocolate

✔︎ Chocolate

✔︎ Scenery

I mean, just look at that! If I could jump on a plane right now, this is exactly where I’d want to be.

It’s a common fact that Switzerland is a picturesque country, but to top that off it is a safe and enjoyable country to visit.

If you’re visiting Switzerland in the winter, don’t miss out on the perfect photos you can capture at the Swiss Alps and Interlaken are a must.

Switzerland is also a great base to be able to jump to Italy and France.

French Polynesia

Surrounded by diverse marine life, a lot of the worlds most breath-taking diving spots, natural beauty, and a divine vanilla scent that follows you from place to place, the islands of French Polynesia is a place that you’ve never seen the likes of before.

We have all seen photos and it truly does look like that, you will want to return year after year.

If you need a break or some quiet me time French Polynesia is the place for you.


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✔︎ Beaches

✔︎ Surfers

✔︎ Homestyle comforts

Fingers crossed our quarantine-free travel bubble opens up soon because I’d love to take a stroll along this gorgeous beach!

Australia is home to some of the most diverse wildlife in the world. It really is a must do in every travellers itinerary.

The warm weather, the amazing landscapes and the friendly people and only some of the things that draw many solo travellers here!

You could head to the outback for some true Aussie experiences or live in up in one of their many bustling cities.

Where ever you go you will always find people with a smile on their face, and a helping hand.


Now if you want to have some real fun, Amsterdam is the place for you.

Everyone knows that Amsterdam is the perfect destination for a liberal lifestyle and a super chilled out vibe. It is the perfect place to hang out on your own.

The beautiful canals are there you you to explore, as you discover the unique culture and nightlife of the city.

You will always run into some friendly and laid-back Dutch locals, who are always happy to have a chat or show you around.


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✔︎ Nature days

✔︎ Quaint villages

✔︎ Stunning scenery

✔︎ Seafood eateries

✔︎ Sexy accents

All the travel essentials covered off in one location!

Ireland may not have the best weather, but it is a place of happiness and beer.

Cozy up in a local pub, catch a football game or head out to the countryside for an incredible Irish experience with the locals!

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