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getting fit motivation

5 ways to motivate yourself to keep exercising

We want this year to be your best year yet, so we've put together 5 totally doable ways to motivate yourself ...
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woman sit

Introducing Kegel Balls: The body part you aren’t working out enough!

Also known as Ben Wa balls, or love balls, these are small, weighted balls that come in a variety of weights ...
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off to a good start for the year

5 Tips for a Great Start to the Year

Overwhelm. Hectic schedules. Over-eating. Fatigue in January.That’s how a lot of us start the year. It doesn't have to be this ...
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Taking care of yourself should be your number one priority but it can be challenging at times. Sometimes we let our own insecurities get in the way but sometimes its because adulting is hard AF and taking a daytime nap is can be our main goal.

Wherever you are in your personal journey, making sure you take time for yourself so you can work on your mental, physical and spiritual health is important.

We love a good motivational quote and some easy to follow exercises so check out some posts that are giving us major inspo this month.

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