spice up your sex life

8 ways to spice up your sex life

Add a little spice to your sex life with these 8 tips that are a whole lot of fun ...
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How to make missionary sexy again

There’s nothing worse than feeling as though your relationship is lacking a certain something in the bedroom. If you’ve tried every position ...
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sex advice

Choosing a vibrator, introducing sex toys & orgasms | Sex Advice

Our sex columnist dives into how to introduce toys into your relationship, how you can spice up your sex life using ...
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5 fast toys

Time restraint? Here are 5 toys to get you there quickly

With the variety of sex toys on the market, there really is something for every need and want. If you’re on ...
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erotic games

Fun erotic games to play with your partner to get in the mood

Introducing some fun and kinky games into your relationship can be the perfect way to introduce a bit of naughty fun ...
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Ultimate guide to vibes - the magic of wands!

Ultimate guide to vibes – the magic of wands!

If you’re looking for a tried and tested sex toy that certainly won’t disappoint, the wand is for you! ...
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sex advice

Latex-free condoms, lubricant and oral dams | Sex advice

his week, our columnist is tackling latex-free condom options, lubricant to help maximise yours and your partners pleasure and explaining how ...
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oral sex enhancers

Oral Sex Enhancers for You and Your Partner

Sometimes oral sex can be a little hard to master, so why not employ the use of a few toys to ...
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How to introduce sex toys into your relationship

It’s normal to be worried about having the “Sex Toy Talk”, but it’s also important to know that it’s totally okay ...
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sex toys

Beginners guide to sex toys for women

If you're wanting to try your hand at sex toys but everything is a bit too overwhelming or too far on ...
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woman sit

Introducing Kegel Balls: The body part you aren’t working out enough!

Also known as Ben Wa balls, or love balls, these are small, weighted balls that come in a variety of weights ...
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