5 Sex Positions for Women Who Love Women

We love finding new sex positions, but with so many dick-centric options floating around, we thought it was time to spotlight some moves that are perfect for the babes – including lesbians, sapphics, and women who love women (WLW).

According to the World Population Review, approximately 8% of the entire world population identifies as homosexual, bisexual, or pansexual as recently as 2021; not including those who choose not to report their sexuality at all.

If you’re someone who falls into these categories, or your relationship just so happens to comprise of two women, these are positions for you. Explore new ways to enjoy oral, penetration, and non-penetrative sex.

Bend and Deliver: a twist on 69ing

A sex position that also works the core. Bend and Deliver gives both partners the opportunity to showcase those toe-curling tongue moves while giving your oral sessions a bit of a kick.

69 sex position

How? With the support of a sturdy chair, one partner lays with their back to the seat, legs spread and head positioned downwards. The other partner leans over their lover, placing their genitals close to the face and nestling their head in between their partner’s legs.

Why? The partner on top has good control over their lover’s pleasure but also benefits from the bottom partner pulling them in close for a cheeky butt squeeze or even deeper, targeted licks.

Have A Ball

A fun way to mix up your oral play, this one is great if you are insecure about any lumps and bumps. The angle gives your partner great access to your clit, while you’re hands have great access to their head if you’re feeling a little dominant.

Have a ball sex position

How? The receiving partner lies on their back and curls up into a ball-like shape, knees bent towards their chest. The giving partner lies on their tummy and places their head in between their partners’ legs, using their elbows for support.

Why? This position lets the giving partner have easy access to the clit, breasts, ass, and all other intimate areas. The receiving partner can enjoy the erotic experience of feeling vulnerable and exposed, while still being able to maintain modesty over the parts of them they may feel less confident about.

Tub Snug

A bubble bath and an orgasm – sign us up! This position is nice and intimate, and a great chance to play with strokes, massages and lots of teasing.

splish splash sex position

How? One partner reclines in the bathtub and invites the other partner to climb in and sit between their legs, leaning back when comfortably in place. An anti-slip bathmat will help you hold the position and prevent slipping too far into the water.

Why? It’s a languid position that is best enjoyed at a slow pace with gentle thrusts and grinds, and a subtle slide up or down to adjust the angle of penetration so you can hit the G-spot. Combine with nipple and clit stimulation, and you can build to an explosive water-themed finale.

Come together

Is it time for a little mutual masturbation or face-to-face touching? Mirror each other’s pleasure and come together (quite literally!) in a sensational showdown of intimacy.

Come together sex position

How? For this position, both partners assume an identical kneeling position, facing one another as they kiss, caress and touch each other’s bodies.

Why? For those who enjoy a more intimate connection during sex, this position is ideal for becoming closely acquainted with your partner. Face-to-face, each lover will be able to read their partner’s expressions and body language, allowing them to see which touches and advances are being best received.

Yin and Yang

If external stimulation is what makes you come, this is the position for you. Slide your bodies together and rub, thrust, and tease your way to an orgasm.

yin and yang sex position

How? This one is pretty basic, but still a lot of fun. One partner lies on their back with their legs spread apart. The other partner lies on their side and faces the opposite direction, positioning their body so it looks like two pairs of scissors crossing each other, touching at the base where the blades would meet.

Why? Well, because it feels good. Rub against each other, indulge in penetrative sex, explore the position as part of foreplay, grind against other body parts or let hands go to town on stimulating all of those pleasure-hungry external hot spots – Yin and Yang is to be interpreted to suit your desires.

If you have any other positions you think we should feature, leave them in the comments.


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