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It can be hard to figure out whether something is worth spending your money on, so we’ve launched our #HWLitList to give you our reviews before you part with your cash. Our editorial team of Kiwi babes are taking one for the team and life testing a bunch of products and services to help you find the best in beauty, travel, health, food and more! Check out our reviews below and keep an eye on our page & #HWLitList on social to keep up to date with what we’re recommending.


This totally sucks

We LOVE to talk about our best buys and how they fit perfectly with the feels we’re aiming for in our ...
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ruby collection gc

The Ruby Collection in Surfers Paradise is our latest obsession

Perfect for a getaway with the girls, a romantic weekend away, family holiday or a 'treat yo self' solo trip, trust ...
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batiste lit list

Batiste Dry Shampoo gives us flawless hair

When my hair isn’t looking as lush as it could be, I break out my secret weapon that every girl needs ...
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nair lit list

Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Creams are making life easier!

I’m one of those people that ends up shaving my legs in a rush and cutting myself because at 29, I ...
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Chocolates are a girl’s bestie

You may have heard diamonds are a girls best friend but I have it on good authority that chocolates are better ...
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