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litlistOur favourite tanning company has just released their first line of skincare products and they’re divine. I know what you’re thinking…what do Bondi Sands know about skincare? But because they have spent so long researching and improving their tanning ingredients they really know what they are doing when it comes to skin.

I can vouch for it as well. I tried out 3 of their beautiful products from the line and I was not disappointed!

About Bondi Sands Skincare

Welcome to the world of Everyday Skincare by Bondi Sands.

Tested by real people and created with trusted skin experts for real skin results. A good skin day looks different to everyone which is why they’ve created Everyday Skincare, a range suitable for all skin types (even the sensitive ones!). Packed with Australian natural botanicals and powered by science backed ingredients. With high level actives and 100% recyclable post-consumer packaging, they’ve covered all bases so you can experience happy, healthy, real skin, everyday!

Why I’d recommend it

When I say I loved these products, I really mean it. As a fan of their self-tanning range, I’m really impressed that they’ve managed to take that same care and apply it here. The Bondi Sands Everyday Skincare range is a high quality product with gorgeous packaging and skin-friendly ingredients and after only using these for a week, I’m so happy with how soft and healthy my skin is feeling.

Sweet Dreams Moisturiser 

I have quite dry skin so I always have to search around for the best ingredient list that I know will lock in moisture and keep my skin soft. Bondi Sands new Night Moisturiser does just that with Hyaluronic Acid and Squalene – a combo that not only locks in moisture but leaves your skin feeling nourished. While I’m usually weary of a thick moisturiser, I was really surprised that this doesn’t feel heavy at all. You can pop this on overnight to keep your skin feeling soft and healthy and because it melts into the skin, it helps give us dry skinned babes that extra moisture we need and a subtle glow – obsessed! The fragrance isn’t overpowering either and it adds a natural touch to an already well curated beauty product.

Bondi Babe Mask 

Clay masks are always a nice touch to a pamper night or a weekly skincare regime. Bondi Sands Purifying Clay mask with Blue Spirulina Extract will definitely be in my rotation! It applied nicely and there were no clumps or bumps. My skin was not left irritated or red but simply clean and refreshed.

Fountain of Youth Serum 

If you’re new to serums and oils like I am, it can be a bit daunting to know where to start but the team at Bondi Sands have made it simpler than ever. The Restoring Bakuchiol Serum is similar to a retinol or anti-aging serum but with less power – making it perfect for newbies. I used the serum after a cleansed face and chemical exfoliation and it left my skin feeling rejuvenated and looking healthy. Add in a little moisturiser once it has dried for the best results. 

How often do you switch up your skincare routine?

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