Bondi Sands Technocolor Self Tan Review

Wintertime doesn’t mean you have to let go of that summer glow! Bondi Sands has released their new self-tan called Technocolor and boy oh boi it’s a game changer. This new self-tan caters to all skin tones and will leave a gorgeous finish, free of orange streaks every time.

Known for their iconic Aussie tan, Bondi Sands has continued to place its community at the forefront of product innovation, helping their global Bondi Babes achieve confidence through glowing, golden skin. Technocolor 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Range is no exception, offering four uniquely created products that contain varying formulas to cater to different skin tones.

The Technocolor Self Tanning range was created, showcasing four products that are formulated with DermachromaticTM Colour Technology; boasting the perfect blend of tanning active ingredients, electrolyte hydration and colour enhancers to adapt to specific skin tones and types to result in the perfect tan. These four products work to enhance your natural skin tone, not change it, where each individual product addresses typical tanning concerns for those skin types, like orange or unnatural tones, dehydration, streakiness and poor colour development. Through their unique formulations, Technocolor has been clinically proven to deliver results that best complement your skin.

My Review

Tan before and after

I can honestly say that I have never been the biggest fan of tanning. I have a more olive/brown skin tone and tanning never really made sense to me and the one time I did try it, it came out streaky and looked very obvious that I had self-tanned. Now this could be a reflection of my poor ability to apply tan however when I gave this technocolour one a go, I can easily say that I did not face this problem whatsoever. I didn’t see any streaks or patchy areas of tan and it rather enhanced my natural skin tone rather than applying a new layer of colour over the top. It was ever so slightly a little rough when it got closer to the palm but that was fully

due to my lack of skills in tanning. For once I was actually happy with how it came out and I can confidently say that I will use it again!

My friends review

Before and after

“I self-tan usually a couple of times a month. Each time I tan it usually comes out a little different each time and I tend to add a few layers so that it comes out right. I have a paler skin tone so I’m definitely into self-tanning and have gone through my fair share of different tanning products. A lot of different products have left me looking a little more orange than I would have liked but this one really shocked me. This was genuinely one of the best self-tans I have ever used as it looked so natural. It applied so nicely and really made it look like I had just gotten back from a holiday. I even mixed a few of the colours together and

it still looked amazing. I loved it and this will definitely be my go-to for any future home tanning sessions”

The best part about Technicolour is that it ACTUALLY caters to all skin tones as it enhances your natural skin tone rather than changing it. So this is perfect for all my girlies from all backgrounds! and if you’re uneasy to try self-tanning like me due to the fear of turning out orange or patchy, then Technocolor is definitely for you as there was not a single sign of orange anywhere!

Look like you just got back from a long day at the beach by simply heading to Bondi Sands website here.

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