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Need date night ideas, trying to help a friend through a break-up or planning a wedding? We’ve got everything you need to foster happy relationships.

Relationship tips

7 tips for a happy marriage

A long-lasting relationship needs commitment, good communication and a good dose of love and affection. Take on these 7 tips for ...
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couple kissing in park

10 things to say to your partner every single day

Telling your partner you love them every day is important, but showing them just how much is even more critical! Check ...
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enrich your relationship

5 ways to enrich your relationship

Just because you're both busy it doesn't mean your relationship has to be put on the back burner. Here's 5 easy ...
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fostering relationships


toxic friends

Disconnecting from toxic friends

"I could hear the coldness in their voices. I could feel the dismissiveness, the judgment, the separation they felt from the ...
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date night on the cheap

Budget friendly date night ideas

If you're living life on a budget, we've put together some date night ideas that are fun and budget friendly ...
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your bedroom and love life

What your bedroom says about your love life

Our living spaces can be a powerful reflection of our life as a whole, and our bedroom is the most intimate ...
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friend support break up

The best friend’s guide to a breakup

Marriage, long term relationship or even a flash in the pan, we all need support when facing a break up. Here's ...
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Date night

Tips for a fun date night

A date night can, of course, be anything you want it to be - just as long as you actually get ...
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couple fight

Why arguing is good for your health

If you're constantly fighting with your partner about how much money he's spent, who's turn it is to do the vacuuming, ...
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debt proof relationship

Debt proof your relationship

Avoid fighting over finances with these top tips on how to talk about money with your partner and debt-proof your relationship ...
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Our Fav Auckland Brunch Spots

Our Fav Auckland Brunch Spots

Want to try somewhere different for brunch? Try one of our favs ...
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