What your bedroom says about your love life

Our living spaces can be a powerful reflection of our life as a whole.

We all know what it’s like when we’ve had a particularly busy week or aren’t feeling great, and our home ends up paying the price with dirty dishes, unwashed laundry and dusty shelves.

But what about our bedroom, the most personal of our spaces? The bedroom is all about rest and intimacy so it can act as a strong reflection of our love and relationship life.

So what kind of things do you need to look out for if you’re wanting to keep, or even find, a loving relationship? We’ve found a combination of tips from Vastu, feng shui and modern psychology to suss out what the state of your bedroom could be saying about your love life, and how you can improve it.


There is a strong connection between physical objects and psychology. A cluttered life often means a cluttered mind.

As Regina Leeds, author of One year to an organised life says, we can sometimes turn physical objects into “talismans”, connecting us to certain memories or times in our lives. Having a lot of clutter in your bedroom can act as a distraction or even as a shield to help you avoid the bigger issues in your life or relationship.

One of the most important rules of feng shui is to remove clutter, and Vastu also recommends clearing clutter from your room, especially under the bed, as it ties your mind to the past.


Whether you’re in a relationship or not, it’s important to have a balance to your bedroom, and to both sides of the bed. This means two bedside tables, with a lamp on each.

Having everything on one side of the bed can represent an imbalance in power, meaning one person may have a more dominant personality or tends to get their way more often. For a relationship to work, both partners need to feel equal and respected, and having feng shui balance can help increase relationship balance.

If it’s just you, a balanced room is said to welcome that special someone into your life. (You can also increase your chances of this by clearing some space for a second person, such as a drawer or cupboard space.)


As we mentioned before, the bedroom is meant for rest and intimacy, so bringing work into your bedroom is never going to be a good idea. Televisions, computers and even books, can distract you not only from getting enough rest, but also from focusing on your relationship and intimacy (and help with avoidance of any problems that need addressing). As a rule, keep work out of the bedroom, but if this isn’t possible, separate your workspace with a screen or even a beaded curtain if you’re feeling funky!

Too perfect

While it’s great to have a balanced, clutter-free room, having a room that’s too perfect 24/7 can mean a desire for control. If it’s just you, and this makes you feel like you can be more adaptable in other areas of your life, then that’s great. But if you’re forcing this perfection on someone else, you may need to address whether there are deeper issues of control.

Tips for improving your love life

There are a few things that are said to add more fire to your flame in the bedroom.

  • The feng shui element for love and relationships is earth, to nurture here is earth, so objects, colours and images that represent earth or fire are beneficial.
  • Red and pink are great colours for the bedroom. Red sheets will add some extra spark, but if you use them too often you can be in danger of romantic ‘burn out.’
  • The back right-hand corner, or south-west corner of the room is the ‘romance/relationship’ area. A pair of pink candles will re-ignite the flame or attract a new one.
  • Essential oils and scents can be powerful aphrodisiacs. Try ylang ylang, geranium, rose, jasmine or sandalwood.

We hope these tips help you to bring love to, or back to, your life!

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  1. Shontelle Fahey June 28, 2018 at 1:20 pm

    This was a great read very interesting. We live in a house bus so yes we have a bit of clutter under the bed lol due to not enough storage. But everything is tidy and clean which is the way it needs to be for a goodnight sleep and healthy relationship. I feel some days I could lay in the sun for hours on my bed it’s just such a relaxing atmosphere compared to being in a house itself. I love bus life

  2. Gabriella Monaghan December 30, 2017 at 11:21 am

    My room isn’t so bad but it definitely doesn’t have the whole ‘balance’ thing going on. I have my bedside table on my side and my daughter’s cot on the other. Although as a single mum, romance in the bedroom is non existent at this stage any way hahaha. Good things to keep in mind once I do find someone special though.

  3. Vikki Sainsbury December 28, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Haha our bedroom isn’t too bad balance wise – we had to agree on a duvet cover of course, but our taste is pretty similar I don’t like girly flowery things anyway so works well. We are not too good on the distraction thing as we have a TV and DVD player in our room oops – but we tend to go to bed really early after the wee one is in bed. Probably should take it out really but there’s nothing better than having a hot shower and crawling into bed to watch a movie!! 🙂

  4. Kym Moore December 27, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    That doesn’t bode well for us. My bedroom is well and truly cluttered. And has gotten worse over Christmas, with needing to declutter the main living areas – whoops! Another great reason to get a spring clean happening!

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