Five must-haves to build your very own sex room

PR Release – Lovehoney July 2022

This week, we are finally getting an answer to the question ‘how can you make interior design sexy?’, as Netflix’s How to Build a Sex Room comes to our screens. The sexual happiness experts at Lovehoney have pulled together their list of essentials for anyone wanting to recreate their very own sex room. 

Sex Furniture

No room is complete without furniture, so why would a sex room be any different? Sex furniture is the ideal enabler for anyone looking to optimise sexual positions and orgasm potential. A sex wedge is a great place to start, enabling you or your partner to support your body in the most pleasurable positions for longer. Experiencing a sexual renaissance, the chaise longue is a genuinely great option for a sex room, but for anyone looking for something a little less showy, a position enhancer chair works just as well. 

Swings and restraints 

Forget roundabouts, if you’re building a sex room swings and restraints need to be at the top of your list. Sex swings come in a variety of forms, but the main types either attached over-the-door or fitted to the ceiling, and offer the receiving partner support to tackle even the most challenging of sex positions. Restraints are great for taking bondage play to the next level, and under-the-mattress restraints in particular will help transform your sex room into a bondage lover’s paradise.  

Bondage gear

No sex room worth its salt would be complete without a ton of bondage gear beyond swings, restraints and furniture. We’re talking handcuffs, whips, gags, blindfolds, the lot; you can dot them around the room so you’re never more than 2 metres away from a piece of bondage. A bondage kit is the ideal way to turn this dream into a reality. 

Arouse the senses

Physical pleasure isn’t the only thing that your sex room needs to cater for, and you will want to create an ambient atmosphere appropriate for arousal. Instead of using tealights in jars to do this, why not fill the room with massage candles massage oils and arousing reed diffusers instead.  

Sex Toys & Games

You simply can’t have a sex room without a healthy selection of sex toys, from wands to vibrators to butt plugs. You will also want to be able to take things to the next level with some playful board games to hand. Although sex toys will be primarily functional rather than aesthetic, you can also utilize them for decoration, with this stylish glass dildo for example.  

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