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If you are looking for ways to add a little adventure to the bedroom, you aren’t alone. Toys are our favourite way to spice things up, and while there are a million toys for women, we’ve noticed a severe lack of options for men. But don’t worry, because Lovehoney’s Stroker Set is the perfect toy that will have him begging for more!

What is the Stroker Set?

Flexible Stroker Set (3 Piece)

The Lovehoney Head master Triple Header Flexible Stroker Set (3 Piece) is a toy that you can use together. While most stokers or fleshlights are usually something men will use on their own, certain strokers like this one can be used together! This set comes in 3 different interchangeable strokers with different textures like woven, ribbed or bumped textures. Ensuring that he can find the perfect feel for him. Each stroker has a soft plastic feel that stretches to fit around the penis, where you can then add a generous amount of lube to help him supercharge that sensation as you glide it up and down his penis. He can either use it on his own or you can help him out by focusing on the tip with your mouth while moving the stroker up and down the rest of his penis. I’d recommend a flavored lube if you are going to give him head at the same time.

My review of the Stroker Set

I’ve always been interested in trying to find male sex toys that I can use with my partner, and while there are options out there, it seemed like there was a much smaller pool for my partner. While I know there are toys for some back door play 😉, I also know not everyone is interested in that – I mean, we all have our boundaries. But what I knew he would like is something I could use to increase his pleasure in a number of ways.


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Our favourite features:

♥ Open-ended to suit all sizes

♥ Fully waterproof for thrilling play in the bathtub or shower

♥ Each stroker is textured both sides for interchangeable stimulation

♥ Set of 3 soft plastic strokers for enhanced masturbation, oral sex and hand jobs

How did I find it?

When I originally opened the packet I didn’t realize how big they were going to be! While this will definitely be down to my lack of knowledge around strokers, it was very interesting to see what they were actually like. I found that the length of them was actually the perfect size for my hand. At first we just tried using my spit to lube it up, but quickly learned that actual lube is very important as you want it to be quite wet and slippery, otherwise it can be too dry and a little uncomfortable for him. 

I found the motion to be quite simple as it was just like giving any other hand job except I was holding the toy instead.

Any hiccups? 

My only issue was when I interchanged to the otherside, it was covered in lube so was quite hard to grasp as it would just slip out of my hand. I definitely recommend making sure the side you are holding is dry to help grip it easier. When I tried to give him a blow job at the same time this worked wonders for him! However the taste of the lube was really bad so I recommend using flavored lube so this doesn’t become an issue.

But, did my man love it?

100%, my man loved it! He found that having the different textures really elevated the feeling. He said:

“While your hand does just as good of a job, it was nice to change it up a bit. I also really liked how you were able to just focus on the tip with your mouth as it really elevated the feeling. It was cool how it had different textures and was interchangeable so I could really pick and choose which one I liked the best. Personally my favorite was the ribbed one but they were all actually really good. I was even surprised by the bumpy one. It’s definitely become a great new addition to the bedroom and I would really recommend it as you can use it by yourself or get your partner to help you reach that extra mile.”

So, should you buy it?

Absolutely! The price of this toy is really cheap in comparison to your average toy, and you basically get 3 toys instead of 1. Not only this, but it’s a good toy that you can join in on the fun with your partner rather than just on their own. And if your partner isn’t quite ready to explore other areas then this is a perfect start. Frankly, I think it ticks all the boxes and would definitely recommend it.

Buy it here

Check out Lovehoney’s website to buy the Stroker Set or find another toy that’s perfect for you.

The Stroker Set was gifted to me by Lovehoney, however, this is my honest review

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