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Meet Tiff, my new BFF who just gets it. She’s cute, she’s small, and she’ll make you come so hard your knees will buckle – she’s the full package. If you’ve been looking for a sex toy that’ll love you inside and out, here’s why the Tiff vibrator from the team at Girls Get Off has our seal of approval.

What is the Tiff vibrator?

Remember when Lizzie McGuire sang “this is what dreams are made of”, I’m pretty sure she was talking about this.

Tiff is a truly flexible vibrator that is in tune with your body. You can bend her (within reason) if you only want to use one of her arms, but if you want dual stimulation, you can work her into an angle that suits your body. Not only is she flexi, but she is compact enough to hide away in your bag if you’re travelling, and has a waterproof design for some slippery fun in the shower. As a bonus, she is also easy to clean, fairly quiet, and charges relatively fast (about 2 hours).

The specs

Internal, external, or both at the same time, she makes every ménage à moi a scream-worthy experience. And that’s before you’ve even made your way through all the settings…

♥ 10 vibration modes

♥ 10 sucking modes

♥ Clit friendly

♥ Waterproof

♥ Flexible – bends to your body

♥ 120 minutes on a full charge

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Suction for dayyyyys

The holy grail of clit suckers, this baby has permanently retired my Satisfyer Pro. If you’ve never tried an air-pulsing vibrator before, here’s what you need to know – they have the power of a tongue without any of the fatigue. Tiff doubles down on being able to get you off with:

  • Easy positioning
  • A body that is soft on your clit
  • Various vibration strengths and patterns

If you want your knees to buckle and your eyes to roll into the back of your head, the pulsator is all you need, but if you’re looking for a holyfuckwhatislife moment, dual stimulation is the best approach; I’m talking internal and external play together.

Curved for your g-spot

The internal arm has its own vibration settings and if angled correctly, will sit against your g-spot for a good time. It’s fucking glorious.

The arm itself is a nice size too, so it leaves you feeling full without it being uncomfortable, and the 10-vibration settings mean you can ride out your orgasm as slowly or quickly as you like. I love having something to clench around which is why I like an internal arm, and out of all the vibrators I’ve used, this one feels the least like I’m putting something plastic into my body. A++++

I will say, it was a little tricky getting the angle right the first few times but pro tip, try out different positions. I found putting a pillow underneath me was the best way, but a girlfriend of mine found sitting in a cowgirl position was the best way for her so don’t be afraid to try out a few different angles. And yes, I did make my bestie buy one too.

With a flexible body, the best vibration settings and a sleek design, the Tiff vibrator is a great addition to your toy collection.

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Wet, wet, wet

The most important thing to remember when using an internal vibrator…never forget lube! You’ll have one unhappy kitty if you do.

Named Juicee, this lube is superior in quality, packaging and convenience.

All you have to do is pop off the lid and push it down to get a pump out. You can scoop most of it up with your fingers and because of the design, it doesn’t leave lube all over your bedside table. If it does leave a little mess, you can easily wash the whole product with some warm water – so easy.

♥ Vegan with no nasties

♥ Scent-free

♥ Water-based

♥ pH friendly

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About Girls Get Off

Girls Get Off is an NZ company on a mission to empower women to embrace their pleasure without any of the stigmas that go with it. Basically, they’re giving you the tools to help you ride the O train day in, day out.

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