Come As You Are: Best Positions for A Solo-O

Bubble baths, reading, a little wine, whatever your self-care routine includes, we want to add one thing to your list – masturbation. Showing your body a little self love isn’t just great for your physical and mental health, but it’s also an important way to explore your own pleasure.

Whether you’re an internal girlie or you need a little clit play to make you come, here are 4 positions to help you reach your O. Check them out below + our recommended sex toy pairings.


Lie on your back with your legs spread apart. Use your hands, fingers, or a sex toy to stimulate your clit and explore different angles. Every vajay is different, but if you have a vibrator with a little curve in it, you might be able to find your G-spot with this angle. The G-spot is located an inch or so inside the vagina against the top of your vaginal wall – angle towards your belly button. You’re welcome.

Pair with…

Lalain G-Spot Vibrator from Share Satisfaction

Share Satisfaction: Lalain G-Spot Vibrator

The Lalain Luxury G-spot Vibrator by Share Satisfaction is an elegant, chic g-spot vibrator carefully designed to follow the natural curves of the body. The soft, rounded head of this luxurious toy is bend slightly to allow for perfect g-spot stimulation, and the handle widens at the base to let your hand grip it easily. The powerful vibrations have 3 speeds as well as 7 pulsing patterns to allow you to find what works best for your body! These vibrations are rumbly and deep, sending pleasure and satisfaction to your very core.

USB rechargeable and controlled with one easy button, the Lalain will be your new best friend in no time!

Buy it here


Sit on a chair or the edge of your bed with your legs spread apart. Use your hand or a sex toy to stimulate your clit while simultaneously penetrating yourself with your fingers or a toy. If you want to mix things up, we recommend trying a toy with a flicking motion that mimics oral sex.

Pair with…

Flicking Tongue Vibrator

Red Hot Flickering Tongue Vibrator

Small and slim, the power behind this pretty package will leave you completely tongue-tied. Tapered to a flicking tip, this clitoral vibrator has 3 speeds and 7 patterns to beat back and forth against your clit until an inevitable climax your way comes.

A sleek design packed with power will tease and titillate your clitoris with 2 formidable speeds and 8 astonishing patterns, adding unbelievable stimulation to your solo adventures or foreplay. Made from silky soft silicone this toy is heavenly to the touch but boasts a firm yet flexible tip for targeted stimulation.

For a toe-curling experience, make sure you give your vibe a generous slick of water-based lube before you buzz it into life.

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Doggy style

You know the drill. Get on your hands and knees and use your fingers or a sex toy to stimulate your clit while reaching behind to penetrate yourself; double the pleasure, double the fun. If you aren’t flexible enough to do both, try inserting a vibrator first before getting in position – we recommend an app or remote controlled vibe for easy access to the settings.

Pair with…

Satisfyer Double Joy Vibrator with App

Satisfyer Double Joy Vibrator with App (solo or couple)

The Satisfyer Double Joy has a body-friendly silicone that invigorates your play with breathtaking vibrations and passionate rhythms. With its ergonomic and flexible shape, it slips elegantly between you two and catapults you both to cloud 9.

This Satsfyer product is application compatible through the Satisfyer Connect App. You can easily connect the Satisfyer Double Joy via Bluetooth or internet to your device and let off some steam – there are no limits to your fantasies. It can transmit ambient sounds as vibrations to the vibrator or transform your favorite Spotify playlist into sensual vibrations.

Buy it here

Standing or leaning

Lean against a wall, a piece of furniture, or the edge of a bed for an experience that will have your legs trembling. For a little slippery fun, head to the shower and use your fingers, a water-proof sex toy, or the shower head to make yourself come.

Pair with…

Girls Get Off - Tiff Vibrator

Girls Get Off Vibrator: Tiff

Internal, external, or both at the same time, she makes every ménage à moi a scream-worthy experience. And that’s before you’ve even made your way through all 11 settings…

Her pocket-size may look sweet, but she’s not one to hold back. And although she can  take a little adjusting to get her in the right position for you (we’re all slightly different!) once you do, she will happily take you to O town again and again. 

Waterproof, feather soft, and uber flexible, Tiff hits all the right spots. 

Buy it here

Remember, whether you’re with a partner or flying solo, sex is supposed to be fun so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have an orgasm on your first try – mix it up, practice a little self-love, and don’t give up.

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