Embark on a Journey of Self-Pleasure with Sutra

litlistWhether you’re flying solo or you’re looking to mix things up, we’re big fans of introducing sex toys into the bedroom. We were lucky enough to review one of the latest sex toys to hit the market, ‘Sutra’. Released by Kiwi owned brand Share Satisfaction, this baby is sure to elevate your pleasure.I don’t know how the industry is doing it, but products are just getting better and better every year!

My experience

My experience? It was an experience.

I’d never used a toy like this before and I have to admit it was a little daunting seeing it for the first time. With a clitoral stimulator and a g-spot vibrator, the Sutra’s  ‘U’ shape is quite a lot to take in. Given I wasn’t familiar with the design, I was admittedly a little anxious and confused as to how it was going to work (as any newbie would be) but once I found my stride, it was a hell of a good time.

Pro tip (because I’m now a pro): I made the beautiful mistake of not using any lubricant and ladies, DON’T DO THAT! It was a slightly painful introduction to this toy but once I realised lube was a good idea, everything changed.

Why I’d recommend it

Sutra is a 2 in 1, clitoral stimulation and g-spot vibrator. Toys like this don’t always need to be used for their recommended job though as the g-spot stimulator is also amazing as a clitoral vibrator. 

The toy gave very varied levels of vibrations and suction patterns that I couldn’t get enough of. Whether you prefer constant sensation, pulses or different patterns, Sutra has it all. The clitoral stimulator is a bit small so you do have to get it in the right place and try a few different positions or angles but once you do, it is bliss!

After my initial hesitation, I’m happy to say that the toys is very easy to use and so simple to clean. Probably a little noisier than I’d like (maybe wait until your flatmates are out), it does have the benefit of being waterproof so you can slip it into the shower with you and no one will suspect a thing. The Sutra is also compact and can easily fit in any carry on bag so if you’re heading away for the weekend, she makes the perfect holiday companion.

About Share Satisfaction

The Share Satisfaction range is for people who want to reconnect, re-energise and revitalise their relationships with themselves or with a partner and reawaken their desires. The journey to enhancing intimacy and intensifying your libido  starts here.

This New Zealand brand is all about incredible toys of exceptional quality that allow you to grow as an individual, or as a couple and amplify your pleasure. Alluring and sophisticated – this range has been lovingly curated. It is USB rechargeable and made from body-safe silicone. Share Satisfaction is all about ease of use and connection.

Check out Adult Toy Megastore for the full Share Satisfaction range and find a toy that works for you.


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