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Have you always wondered how app/remote controlled sex toys work? We had an amazing couple review the We-Vibe Moxie and Bond! Bringing sex toys into a relationship can always be a bit scary. Try easing into with with simple teaser toys.

Our couple M 50’s and F 30’s tested out We-Vibes new product Bond paired with its female accomplice Moxie! Lets just say their best word to describe them is ‘WOW!’ Whether they were using them together or alone these are definitely their new favorites. As a couple who have explored the world of sex toys they had never tried remote controlled devices. There’s a first time for everything, read their review now!


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The We-Vibe Moxie is amazing for a hands-free night of fun, by yourself or with a partner. Moxie offers a wide range of play options utilising both sustained stimulation at multiple levels of intensity and a range of pulse settings that will have anyone satisfied within minutes if not seconds.

Compared to other wearable female devices, this is by far the best she has tried. As the intensity of the vibrations does create some noise it may not be as discreet for kinky individuals who enjoy public play.

As the We-Vibe Moxie has a magnet attached, this allows the We-Vibe Moxie to be attached to lingerie both allowing movement and hands-free play both at home and out in the world!


Using a wearable device can be intimidating for someone who has never used one before. The Bond uses soft silicone to allow some adjustment to size, the We-Vibe Bond can be somewhat difficult to put on and clip into position and may be painful to wear initially.

The true enjoyment of this toy requires familiarizing yourself over multiple sessions, but it does provide a tickling sensation that is enjoyable and enhances pleasure!

Similar to the We-Vibe Moxie, the We-Vibe Bond was fairly noisy at all vibratory settings which included continued vibrations as well as pulse settings.

We tried using the Bond as a masterbatory toy and but because it is not designed to produce a climax, we recommend using the We-Vibe Bond as a couple’s toys to enhance intimacy between a couple and to add kink to mundane jobs around the home.

Using the We connect app for both devices you and your partner can use these toys for distance play. This may be useful during long-distance romances to add more spice to your lives and to ease the long nights of separation.


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