Protect Your Lips This Summer with Blistex


Did you know that lip care is just as important as skin care? While you should be protecting your skin from the sun year round, it’s also important to protect your lips from becoming dry and damaged – especially now we’re heading into the summer months.

This summer, I’m taking lip balm with me EVERYWHERE to make sure my lips stay safe (and kissable) all season long. To help make sure we’re all protected, I’ve been life-testing Blistex’s Summer trio to see how well they protect my lips while keeping them soft and supple on those hot, dry days.

Ultra Lip Balm SPF50+

SPF50? Yes please!

Take care of your lips this summer with Blistex Ultra Lip Balm. Whether you’re spending the day at the beach, heading out on a hike or you’re chilling outdoors with your friends, this lip balm is my must-have beauty accessory this summer. Lets have new vibes, new goals and no more dry, chapped lips in 2022. 

blistex ultra spf50

The good stuff:

Try Blistex Ultra Lip Balm SPF50+ to moisturise and provide lips with intensive protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

• Protect & moisturise.
• Very high protection sunscreen – SPF50+ broad spectrum.
• Moisturises dry, chapped lips.

Lip Infusions – Hydration 

Hydration is in the name because that is exactly what it does! Blistex Lip Infusions Hydration locks in moisture all day while protecting your lips with SPF15. The Vitamin E will keep your lips kissable 24/7 and if you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself reapplying this automatically throughout the day because it is so light – no heavy lips with this lip balm.

The good stuff:

Lip Infusions Hydration is infused with hyaluronic spheres that drench your lips in moisture and lock in long-lasting hydration while Vitamin E softens and smooths the lips.

• SPF15.
• Clinically tested for long-lasting hydration.
• Hyaluronic spheres lock in moisture.
• Vitamin e to soften and smooth.

Lip Conditioner

Grab three of these because they’re an absolute staple. This lip balm has been around for a few years and there is a reason why. With SPF30, Blistex Lip Conditioner has you sorted year round. With the sweet smell of Cocoa Butter, this glides on with ease and gives you the sweet sensation of supple lips all day.

blistex lip care

The good stuff:

Maintain soft healthy looking lips every day with a deeply moisturising lip conditioner. Rehydrates dry lips and helps to relieve chapped lips.

• Protect, moisturise & condition.
• Enriched with cocoa butter and vitamin e.
• High protection sunscreen – SPF30.

Grab your Blistex products from supermarkets, pharmacies and department stores nationwide.


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