Simple tips to help you care for your skin

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It is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of skin care lotions and potions available. There are new, innovative, must have products available every week, some accompanied by some incredible claims.

With so many different options available, we have pulled together the most sensible advice on what to spend your time and money on.

Expensive doesn’t necessarily equate to better

The powers of an expensive potion, accompanied by some slick marketing and celebrity endorsement, can make products tempting. Before you take the leap understand that while those products may be ideal for some skin there are going to be other products just a good for you, but cost a whole lot less.

You really do need to use SPF daily

Dermatologists and beauticians agree – sun really does damage your skin so daily use of an SPF is crucial. Be time clever and use a moisturiser and SPF combined – WildFerns Manuka Honey Protective Hydrating Moisturiser with SPF30 provides great protection with intensive hydration and is perfect under make-up or alone. And don’t forget your lips, neck and décolletage.

Night is best

If you are time poor in the morning, don’t worry about trying to fit too much into your routine. Experts agree that the ideal repair and replenishing time is when we are asleep. Start with a really good cleanse – Rotorua Mud Facial Wash Creme with Lime Blossom is a simple to use product that is renowned for its therapeutic and deep cleansing properties plus it will remove light makeup. If you have had a big day, cleanse twice – your skin will thank you for it. Follow the cleanse with some toner and then a good hydrating night cream or serum. The skin immediately around your eyes is more fragile so gently dab on a cream especially designed for this area.

If you have time, treat yourself with a facemask. We love WildFerns Rotorua Mud Face Pack with Manuka Honey as the mud and honey detoxify and  purify while being antibacterial.

More isn’t better

Unless you the genetic impairment that affects how your skin barrier functions, be careful you don’t keep piling on oils and creams because you can have too much of a good thing!  Too much can cause your skin to be clogged up and atually slow down the renewal process.  As a guide, use the lightest cream you can – this is especially important if you are prone to acne and conditions like rosacea.

Also, be careful with what you combine because because some ingredients don’t go well together. The most common is mixing the current hot product retinol, with hydroxy acids (AHA’s and BHA’s) or Vitamin C.

What is your favourite skin care product?

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