How to introduce sex toys into your relationship

No matter what stage you’re at in your relationship, you may have toyed with the idea of introducing a third person into the bedroom. That is, a sex toy. But bringing this up to your significant other can be a daunting and intimidating task – what if they get the wrong idea, or aren’t interested? It’s normal to be worried about having the “Sex Toy Talk”, but it’s also important to know that it’s totally okay to want to spice things up!

Communication = key

The first step in introducing sex toys into your relationship is talking to your partner openly and honestly. Reassurance will be the key to introducing a new toy successfully! It’s crucial to explain that you’re not replacing him, and that you want to introduce a toy for both of you to enjoy. This shouldn’t be a deadbeat convo – make it fun! If you get him excited about the idea, he’ll feel much more comfortable when it comes time to actually using the toy.

Baby steps

Start off small! There’s nothing worse than feeling inadequate in a relationship, and if your new toy arrives twice the size of your partner’s penis, he’s likely to be a little bit self-conscious. Opt for something smaller with a more abstract shape – stay away from anything realistic and flesh-coloured until your partner is more comfortable with the idea.

A bullet vibrator such as the Le Reve Bullet is a good starting point, with its non-suspecting and minimalistic design. Despite its powerful, whisper-quiet vibrations, this vibe has a pretty affordable price, so how could your man say no?

Alternatively, a simple blindfold or silk rope is perfect for introducing some light bondage into your relationship. This can add a simple and easy flair to your usual go-to positions!

Let him choose

With all the sex toys available on the market, it can be pretty overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re after. But it shouldn’t be just up to you! Involve your partner in the process to ensure your first toy is something that you both like and that you’ll both benefit from. Reading customer reviews and product descriptions will help ease his mind and normalise the idea that it’s common for couples to experiment.
Browsing a range of couple’s sex toys will give you dozens of popular options to choose from!

sex toy intro

Find one for both of you

It’s a common misconception that vibrators are only for women and masturbation. With today’s range and variety of sex toys, there are dozens of toys aimed specifically at couples to ensure that your partner is satisfied as well! Explaining that you want to bring a sex toy into your relationship to benefit him as well will definitely be a turn on.

The Fantasy C-ringz Ultimate Rabbit Ring is a best-selling ring that helps your man have longer lasting erections, while you can enjoy clitoral stimulation simultaneously. It’s a win-win!

For something a bit more high-tech, the We-Vibe sex toy range is aimed specifically at couples wanting to enhance their sex life. With a sleek design, the We-Vibe Sync goes unnoticed during penetrative sex, simply enhancing your experience.

Choose carefully

There is now a wide variety of products on the market, so it’s vital to choose one that’s best suited to your needs. A lot of toys aren’t waterproof, so if you like to move things to the shower or bath, be sure your toys are of the waterproof variety! Likewise, some toys might only last an hour on charge, so won’t be ideal if you’re planning a sexy weekend getaway – the last thing you want is to be waiting around for your new toy to charge!
Introducing sex toys into your relationship should be a fun, intimate activity for you and your partner. You’re here to make great sex even better!

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