Beginners guide to sex toys for women

Thanks to a Sex and the City episode back in the late 90’s, sex toys have increasingly become more popular and accepted in society. However, the idea of female masturbation and sex toys is still considered a slightly taboo topic, and you might find it a bit awkward asking your BFF for advice (though seriously, go for it!).

With an incredibly vast range of toys now available on the market, it can be hard to know where to begin without feeling as though you’ve jumped in the deep end. From thousands of products online, to overwhelming store displays and frighteningly realistic dildos: where shouldyou begin?

What’s your budget?

Sex toys are like makeup: you can spend a lot or a little, and sometimes the $100 foundation is totally worth it, but other times the $10 drugstore one might cut it too. What I’m saying is, you can really spend as much as you’d like on your new best friend, budget permitting! But don’t feel like you have to go out there and spend hundreds to get the best of the best. Seriously, a lot of the smaller and cheaper toys will still provide you with hours of fun.

With toys ranging from only a few dollars all the way up to thousands, the ball is in your hands!

Some pointers

Once you’ve decided on a budget, you’ll also want to consider a few other factors when selecting your new toy. All professionally made sex toys should be created using body-safe materials, such as silicone and glass. If you’re not too sure what to opt for, these are both great options!

Not all toys are waterproof, so make sure you check the label before testing them out in the bath and shower, if that’s what you’re into.

Battery life may be important to you as well, if you’re after something that vibrates. Remember that some toys are powered by batteries, others via USB chargers and some might last an hour, while others will last a lot longer.

Lubricant is essential when testing out new toys, to ensure everything glides in with zero pain or discomfort. The best-selling Wet Stuff Gold is a great option, with its long-lasting and silky formula.

Any of the below pique your interest? Click on the images to find out more.

What type?


Perhaps the most common toy for females, a dildo is a great place to start out your sex toy journey. Dildos are penetrative toys, often shaped to resemble a penis, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Dildos can be a little intimidating, but a best-seller such as the Basix 6 Inch Dong is a great place to start, with its simple design and fun colour.

Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more realistic, add a realistic dildo to your collection!


Some might say a vibrator is essential for every women’s nightstand, and for good reason! Vibrators for women also come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, but you’ve likely already heard about the infamous rabbit vibrator. These vibes are typically shaped similar to a dildo, with a small attachment for the clitoris, providing simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation. A budget-friendly vibrator to start out with is the Waterproof Beginners Rabbit – or, if you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, the Lelo Ina Wave is a best-selling vibe with 10 different vibration patterns and adjustable speeds.

Butt plugs

The thought of anal toys may be incredibly daunting if you’re new to the world of sex toys, however these can be incredibly pleasurable once you give them a go! Purchasing a set such as the Trinity Anal Trainer Set is a great starting point, as it includes three different sizes for you to work your way up. Start out with the smallest size and upgrade once you feel comfortable doing so!

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls, commonly known as Kegel balls, are small weighted balls that are inserted into the vagina. These help with strengthening and tightening your Kegel muscles, giving you more control over your orgasms (and his!) and intensifying pleasure. These are great as they not only provide added pleasure, but a range of health benefits.

For beginner’s, ensure you start off with a set that has a string attached for easy removal. The Purple Silicone Kegel Exerciser, with its super low price and smooth material, is perfect for beginners.

Don’t forget

Cleaning your toys after every use is essential to maintain hygiene in the bedroom! Cleaning your toys properly will make sure they last to their full potential and will help prevent any unwanted infections. A sex toy cleaner such as the Refresh Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner is budget-friendly, safe to use with all toys, and guaranteed to keep everyone safe and happy!

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