Our Fav Auckland Brunch Spots

Need a little time out to stuff your face with the girls or your boo?

We searched near and far (mostly near) for the best spots for a spot of brunch.

Brunch is now the most important meal of the day, and we think you need to make the most of the most Instagram-able meal of the day. Whether you’re a coffee fanatic or need to knock back a couple of mimosas, we got you covered.


Our favourite spot on the north shore is….

Sugar in Chelsea Bay

This café is situated right next to the Chelsea Sugar Factory on the coast Chatswood, with a direct view of Auckland’s bustling city.  We all know that weird pink building we can see driving over the harbour bridge. Well that’s Sugar right there! It gives a feeling on being in the city, but rather than cement surrounding you, they have a playground for kiddies, a baking class and a very urban buzz! The cabinet in Sugar is to die for. I would suggest getting your cameras ready because this is the most Instagram able café I have been too. Sugar is still quite new so it is hard to get a table for a large group but if your lucky its worth the wait. You can pop in for a coffee and a sweet treat and your taste buds will thank you later.


Our favourite spot in central Auckland would have to be….

Dear Jervois in Herne Bay

Situated on Jervois Road, Dear Jervois in a one stop shop! Your morning coffee, a catchup with friends or even a date. This café can cater to your needs. In central Auckland it can get busy but its all apart of the experience. It holds a busy vibe with chatter everywhere and smells that could make you drool. Dear Jervois have a very brunch style menu catering to all dietary requirements, whether you’re vegan, lactose or vegetarian there will be something for you. Not to mention literally everything is delicious.


Our favourite brunch spot in the CBD has to be….

The Lula Inn on the Viaduct

Everybody and their mother know about the Lula Inn bottom-less brunch, and there is a reason why. Who wouldn’t want to slurp down bottom-less mimosas sitting on Auckland’s only on-water deck? This is the perfect spot for a girls’ brunch with the picturesque interior and Instagram able exterior. The Lula Inn offer insane vegan options and are ready to hold your next party or celebration. Situated on the viaduct makes it easy breezy to get too. The ferry terminal and bus stops are close by so no drink driving or expensive taxis for you!


Our go to place in West Auckland is….

Deco in Titirangi

This is an aesthetic dream! The outside is in an old arty building modernised inside with soft colours that make you feel like you’re in a dream. The crockery is all rustic and beautiful and a little bit quirky which makes it more fun. This is your go-to if you want to go somewhere that will take you out of Auckland while still being 30 minutes from home. Deco is backing onto a beautiful forest leaving you surrounding by wildlife, drinking your cuppa coffee, breathing in the fresh air. Deco is a place like no other.


Out east we have to stop by….

Woolfys in East Tamaki

Woolfys is just delicious. But a true diamond in the rough. Woolfys is right in the middle of industrial East Tamaki.  Now for me East Tamaki isn’t my usual stomping ground, but I would make an effort to eat here! Their choice of yellow branding must really work because you always enjoy your time here. With the steel industrial interior with a steel food truck in the middle with its copper espresso machine. I mean who wouldn’t die from cuteness. Bonus if you come on the weekends, they give out candy floss so if you ask, I mean free candy floss who would say no to that! Not to mention the incredible menu! With a small Asian twist incorporated into it, you’ll be coming back to try everything. I would recommend the home-style fried chicken p.s its delish. The food is so camera ready so come here enjoy the trip, say hi to the locals and dig in!

Are you going to check out one of favs for your next brunch date?

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