At-Home Date Night Ideas

Are you stuck inside but still want a special night for you and your partner? Keep the romance alive with these at-home date night ideas!

Have a “finger foods only” Dinner.

This is an intimate date idea. Create a platter of your favourite foods and feed each other. Have music playing in the background and let the sparks fly!

Go on a Picnic.

Try to go outside (even if it’s in your own backyard). If it’s too cold, spread a duvet out on the floor, make some sandwiches, and keep your picnic indoors.

Have a karaoke night!

Search for songs with lyrics on You Tube and sing your heart out. If you can find some heart-wrenching ballads to belt out, we promise there lots of laughs involved.

Have a Video Game night.

Stay up till 3am playing their or your favourite games! Find a 2-player game and battle on! Plus you get extra brownie points if you don’t like video games, this shows your partner you care about their interests.

Have Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast for dinner is a fun date night idea. Pull out the TV trays, put on your pj’s and go all out.

Bubble bath for two.

Need I say more?

Do a Puzzle Together

Play a board game or doing a puzzle together is a nice wind-down activity that helps you chill out and have good conversation. But pick a puzzle you can finish that evening — something like 200-300 pieces.

Pretend the Electricity is out

No wifi?! What am I supposed to do with myself? As kids everyone would find so many ways to entertain themselves and it would end up being a really fun night. So, why not turn this into an awesome at-home date idea! Light candles, play games, tell ghost stories… Put away your electronics and make believe the electricity is out.

How many ways can you come up with to entertain yourselves?

Some ideas:

  • Light the fireplace and make s’mores
  • Create wacky meals out of ingredients in your fridge that may “go bad” since the “electricity is out” { a little make believe never hurt anyone, just go with it! Plus it’ll be a great way to clean out your fridge!}
  • Tell scary stories and use a flash light to add drama
  • Build a fort and snuggle up
  • Play a guessing game. Give each other random items, have the other person close their eyes, and guess what it is by any sense other than sight

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