Top tips for planning a wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, but it can also be very stressful. If you’re in the pre-planning stage, check out our top tips to help you organise your special day.

Locating a venue

  • Know your guest list – before you pick your venue, it is a good idea to know how many people you’re going to have at your wedding. There isn’t any point finding a beautiful location if there isn’t enough room for your guests
  • Think about your personality – love the outdoors or the feel of sand under your feet? Pick a venue that speaks to the type of person you and your partner are
  • Consider what’s included – if you have 150 guests but only 25 chairs are included, your venue bill will rack up quickly. Be sure to consider the cost of catering, dining ware, chairs, marquees etc. when picking your venue

Trying on dresses

  • Understand the style you like – mermaid, ball gown, a-line, fitted – what do these all mean? Do a little research on the style of dress you’d like to wear and it will make things a lot easier
  • Wear a nude bra – if you have a strapless bra, wearing this to your fitting will help you have a clearer vision of what your dress will look like and how your bust will sit in your dress
  • Take suggestions – the staff at bridal stores have been doing this a long time and will help you find a dress that will make you look great without breaking the bank

Choosing your hairstyle

  • Accessories – if you’re choosing a floral crown or a veil, ask your hairdresser what style will best hold your accessories throughout the wedding
  • Hair texture – not all hair types will be able to sustain certain looks throughout a long day. Ask your hairdresser to test a few on you so you can see how long they survive
  • Consider your dress – most often your hair should match the style of your dress i.e. If you have a bohemian dress, a braid or waves with flowers will complete your look where an up-do looks beautiful with a fuller ball gown

Finding a photographer

  • Use social media – Facebook and Instagram are a great way to see the types of photos a photographer takes and to see real comments from other couples
  • Again, budget – photographers can be costly, especially if you’re hiring one for the whole day. If you’re budget conscious, it may be best to hire a photographer for the ceremony and then have your guests play photographer for the reception
  • Pick a style – do you want an album of candids or posed photos? Once you’ve decided on a style, do some research and pick a photographer who matches the look and feel of your wedding

All about bridesmaids

  • Picking the party – once you’ve decided on the size of your wedding party, you’ll probably have a better idea of who you want to stand beside you. More than anything it is important to follow you heart, whether that may lead you to your sister, your best friend or a cousin
  • Finding their dresses – consider your colour scheme, budget and your bridal parties body shapes. It is also a good idea to order dresses a size larger so they can be altered to fit closer to the wedding day. Remember, not everyone has to have the same style dress if you’re happy to match them to their personalities

Picking your flowers

  • Budget – on average, flowers take up 10-15% of your budget so before anything else, consider how much you’d like to spend on flowers
  • Think about the season – speaking of budgets, it is a good idea to try and find flowers that are blooming during the season your wedding is in to cut on costs
  • Consider the colour of your dress – if you’re buying your bouquet from a florist, be sure to take a photo or sample of your dress so your florist can help you find colours that match

Choosing a cake

  • Give yourself time – it’s recommended you start ordering your cake about 3-6 months before your wedding. You may want a red velvet cake, but finding a reliable baker who can decorate it the way you would like might be the hard part
  • Lie – never tell a bakery or cake shop that you are buying a wedding cake because you will end up paying more
  • Go trendy – if you aren’t traditional, cupcake tower or even platters have become a great alternative to wedding cakes and you can always make them yourselves if you’re on a budget

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    I’ve never been married and have been with my man for 9 years and we have a 4 year old together (I also have a 24 year old from a previous relationship). I think we will get married but it’s really a budget thing for us

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