Introducing Kegel Balls: The body part you aren’t working out enough!

Whether you’ve used them or not, it’s likely you’ve heard of Kegel balls at some point, whether from the cult series Fifty Shades of Grey or for general health reasons. Also known as Ben Wa balls, or love balls, these are small, weighted balls that come in a variety of weights and sizes to help strengthen your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. The Kegel balls are inserted into your vagina, giving your Kegel muscle a workout as you go about your normal day. Your Kegel muscle is found along your pelvic floor – you might know it as the muscle that you clench when you really, really need to pee!

By this point, you may be wondering why on Earth you would insert weighted balls into your vagina, and I don’t blame you! But don’t click away just yet. Using Kegel balls has a surprising amount of benefits, including increasing sexual pleasure and intensifying orgasms. Sounds good, right? Training your Kegel muscles can help to increase contractions during orgasms, and allow for greater control of your vaginal muscles overall, making sex better!

Where to begin

It may seem a bit intimidating with the wide range of Kegel balls that are available, and you definitely don’t want to go out and purchase the heaviest set off the bat! If you’re new to using Kegel balls, be sure to start out with a light weight and a lighter material such as silicone or plastic. Ensure the balls are connected to each other and that they have a removal string to make things easier.

A product such as the Ovo L1 Loveballs is ideal for beginners. This product is made of high-quality silicone and the balls are easy to insert and remove. This set also includes two pairs of interchangeable balls, so you can increase your weight when you feel comfortable doing so!

Once you’re used to the sensation and feeling, you might want to upgrade to a pair of vibrating balls, such as The Swan Clutch. With up to 4 hours run time, this product increases pleasure and will help provide even more stimulation.

Want something better suit to you and your partner? Try out the Lelo Hula Beads, the world’s first ever remote-controlled Ben Wa Balls, allowing you or your partner to control different stimulation modes easily.

intro kegel balls


Using Kegel balls is a relatively simple and stress-free process, but it may seem daunting at first! Before you get started, it’s always good practice to ensure your Kegel balls are clean to reduce the spread of bacteria or potential STIs (if you’re sharing toys). Use warm soapy water, or a specific sex toy cleaner for a more thorough clean, to keep your love balls in tip-top condition.

The key to inserting Kegel balls for the first time is to ensure you are relaxed. Apply plenty of lubrication to your vaginal opening and slowly begin to insert the balls. Ensure that the removal loop (if your balls have one) is always outside of your vagina, like a tampon string. Slowly push them in as far as they go, or as far as the feel comfortable. It’s as easy as that!

Removing the balls is a breeze, simply pull on the loop softly until they come out. Or, if your Kegel balls don’t have a removal loop, gently insert a finger behind them in the vagina and pull downward.


Kegel balls can pretty much be worn anywhere you’d like! For starters, try wearing them around the house to ensure they are the right size and that you aren’t feeling any discomfort. Once you’re comfortable, pop them in and go about your daily routine! Your muscles will naturally clench around the balls to keep them in, so there’s no need to worry about them falling out, making this the easiest workout ever.

The sensation that you get will typically intensify with movement, such as running, leaning over, and jumping. This is totally normal – enjoy it!
If you’ve never found anal sex that good, try leaving your Kegel balls in next time. Anal penetration, paired with the firmness of the balls pressing against your G-spot, will definitely help intensify anal! (But don’t insert the Kegel balls anywhere but your vagina!)

Kegel balls can be left in for vaginal sex as well, but ensure you are comfortable with them first, and go slow to avoid any potential discomfort. Or just pop them in an hour before sex, let the balls work their arousing magic, and remove them just before penetration.


While Kegel balls are perfectly safe for most women, always ensure you check with your doctor if you have had a recent surgery or given birth, or if you experience abnormal discomfort at any time. Typically the balls can be left in for hours, but be careful not to over-exert your muscles by leaving them in all day!


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