Best Exercises for Better Sex

Everybody wants better sex – it’s a fact like death and taxes. But getting better sex can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, many folks are finding that adding a few new exercises to their workouts is making a huge difference in the bedroom.

Working out releases happy endorphins, and helps with your mood, but it can also help your sex life. Stamina, strength and flexibility are all incredibly helpful for improving your sex life.

A focus on a better mood, more energy, improved strength, and added pleasure will mean a few workouts can improve even the dullest sex life.

 Start with squats

Squats help to tone and shape your legs and butt, they also help you master the cow girl and reverse cow girl positions! Better lower body control has been linked to more intense orgasms so focusing on squats is a great idea.

Place your feet shoulder width apart, with your toes pointed out ever so slightly. Keep all the weight in your heels the entire time, and squat down as though you’re sitting into a chair. You want to aim to squat below parallel, but don’t worry if you can’t get there right away! Be sure to squeeze your glutes on the way up for maximum benefit.

If you’re not comfortable with your form yet, use a bench or dining chair to perform box squats. Using the same technique, squat onto your chosen object and come back up! You can choose to just touch the chair, or to make things a little more challenging, put all of your weight onto it before coming back up.

Glute bridges

This move might look like it belongs in the bedroom and not the gym, but trust me, it’s definitely going to get all the right muscles working. Glute bridges will help improve your balance and, given the pelvis is inverted, it can ‘awaken’ the pelvic-floor muscles and therefore improve orgasms.

Aim for four sets of 30 reps to really feel the burn. Or, if you’re not feeling it that much, add a weighted dumbbell to make a world of difference.


Exercising your Kegels is crucial for good sex and everyone with a vagina should do one right now – yes, while you’re reading! Stronger Kegel muscles can help to improve incontinence, increase contractions during orgasms, and the newfound control of you vaginal muscles will make sex better overall – for you and your partner. Kegels are the muscles that you clench when you really need to pee. To exercise them, simply tighten and hold the muscles for five seconds, then relax for five. Repeat ten times, three times a day.

If you’re not sure if you’re doing your Kegel exercises right, it may be a good idea to invest in Kegel balls. They are created specifically to help you work out the right muscles. The Ovo Loveballs are simply set of balls with a pull cord for easy removal. The Hold Me Tight Kegal Toning kit is also perfect for beginners.


Push-ups will help strengthen your core, chest, arms, glutes, and legs all in one simple move. This will help you increase control during sex, and make it easier to stay in certain positions for longer.

Start on your knees if a full body push up isn’t attainable. Push-ups may look easy, but they require a lot of balance, strength, and control.


Cardio is easily the most straightforward way to improve your sex life. You don’t necessarily need to go running or exert all your energy at once, though. The energy and calories burned during sex is similar to that of a brisk walk, or going up a flight of stairs. Therefore the best form of cardio to improve your stamina is simply walking!

Whether you’d prefer to go on a hike outdoors, or pump up the incline on the treadmill, anything will help increase your fitness levels. Increased stamina will mean you can go for longer, so if you haven’t been able to maintain your favourite position for a marathon session – here’s your answer.


Swimming has also been known to increase sexual endurance, and yoga will help with being present and flexibility. Finally, lots of sleep is one of the best ways to make you better in bed! Sleep helps with minimising stress and stress can have a terrible impact on your libido. So get training and then rest well before you get down!

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