3 Things You Need For Every Overseas Holiday

Hands up if you’re a notorious overpacker? 🙋

I’ve never been able to master the art of travelling light so you’ll usually find me packing and re-packing my bag the week before I jet overseas. Whether I’m heading on an intrepid trip through Asia or I’m off to Europe for a tasty trip through Italy, I make sure I always have my 5 essentials packed so I don’t get caught out overseas. Check out my must-haves and let us know in the comments what you always take with you on holiday.


Don’t waste time trying to find a pharmacy in a foreign country instead, come correct with your own mini stash of essentials to help you get through any pains and ailments that come your way.

  • First aid – grab your bandaids, painkillers, throaties, hydralyte and anything else you deem an essential for the type of vacay you’re taking
  • Tissues – they’re just convenient
  • Medication – always take at least an extra week of medication with you incase you need to spend longer overseas or you misplace some of your meds
  • Certificate for medicines – while you probably won’t need this, it’s a good idea to ask your Doctor for a note explaining your medication. Last thing you need is for your meds to be taken at customs. It’ll also help for if any reason you need to restock while you’re on the move.

Pack extra USB cords

Basically everything digital charges through a USB cord now so to be sure you can charge your phone and your camera, pack some extra USB cords. I grabbed a bunch of 1m long cords from The Warehouse before my last trip and they were lifesavers after I left my original in a hostel in Cambodia day 3 into a 20 day trip.

Go old school and print out your docs

As much as I daydream about being stranded in a foreign land so I can avoid adulting for a few extra weeks, the thought of actually losing my passport on holiday gives me so much anxiety. To combat this, I take two printed copies of my passport with me on vacay – one that stays in my suitcase for the duration of the trip and one that stays on my person in case anyone needs to see some official ID.

It may seem OTT, but that way I can keep my passport locked in the hotel safe while I’m out exploring. I mean I don’t know about you, but apart from a panicked phone call to mum, I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost my passport.

I also make sure to take a photocopy of all my flight details and any tours I’m doing in case my phone decides to drop its signal when I’m trying to get to my next destination.

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Written by Emily Blake

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