My Best Travel Tips 2020

Traveling is an art; like any art form it requires a certain amount of practice and experience to master it.

Along the way there will be pitfalls, mistakes and delays that will make you question why you even decided to take on this challenge. To help you move from novice to pro, I am going to share somethings I have learned over the years.

To note I usually travel solo, mastering my best travel tips will help you become a solo star or the leader of the group.


Try to book your flights 2-3 months in advance as this will give you the perfect opportunity for catching the best fare prices, booking too early or too will put you right outside the optimal fare time. After years of trying to figure out the perfect time to book my flights, I have managed to come across a few apps that help with this problem.

  • Hopper: Predicts prices and helps you book your flights and hotels
  • Fly Europe: Great app for scoring the cheapest airfares to and within Europe
  • GoEuro: Helps your search and book flights, trains and buses

Make a List and check it twice

Decide where you want to go and gain a general idea of what you want to do, make a list of all the things you will need down to the smallest item and check that list again the day before your trip. Trust me, saying I will get it later and not writing it down will be your undoing

travel list

Give a Heads Up

Make sure you inform your cell phone provider, bank and credit card companies of where you will be traveling.

Embrace the Culture

Fully embrace the culture of where you will be traveling, you don’t need to be a linguist but be respectful and do your best to learn common lingo if needed for where you are traveling. Common phrases go a long way when out of your comfort zone. One app I have found helpful in this respect is listed below.

  • TripLingo: Ultimate too for leaning essential phrases, instantly translate your voice or connect to a live translator

Travel Insurance

The one thing no one probably thinks to get that could save not only your trip but your life. Medical emergencies, natural disasters or even lost luggage; travelers insurance is more important than you think.

Go with the Flow

Delays will happen, things wont go as planned or even worse you will lose something; do your best to go with the flow and enjoy what is right in front of you. Don’t let a missed flight or other unforeseen circumstances take away from your traveling experience. Learn to be flexible it’s the best advise I could give any level of traveler.


Make your Carry-on your Personal Assistant 

Pack extra underwear, socks and a shirt in your carry on, you never know when they will come in handy.


Don’t keep all of your cash or credit cards in the same spot. Always keep some cash and even and extra card on your physical person hidden and not just in your wallet or purse.

Write it Down

Physically write down or print out the address of your hotel, Airbnb, or hostel where you will be staying in case your electronics are unavailable to you.

Backup Batteries

Cell phones die, stay ahead of the game and have an extra usb charger handy as well as some other batteries for your electronics.

Extra Copies

Make sure you make photo copies of your passport and other important travel documents and have them on your person. Emailing a copy to yourself as well for a double backup will be very handy if your originals are ever lost or stolen.

Keep them in the Loop

If you are traveling solo (like me) or even with a few people it’s best to keep family or friends in the loop as to where you are going and what you will be doing.

travel by plane

Bare Necessities

When going out for the day during your trip, travel light and bring only what is necessary. That photo copy of your passport might come in handy here! Limit the amount of cash and cards you carry on you as well.

Walking Tours

Always keep and eye out for walking tours that take you around, it gives you an instant chance to become familiar with the area in which you are visiting.

Eat like a Local

Do your best to avoid tourist food spots and places, talk to some locals and see where the best places to eat actually are.

Eyes Wide Open

Take photos, relax and enjoy your time. Remember the reason why you decided to take the trip in the first place. Eat great food, embrace the culture and take in all the sights and sounds.

These are just a few of the things I have learned over time and hopefully they provided you with a little knowledge to help you on your travel journeys. Leave a comment below and add any helpful tip(s) you have gained through your adventures.

What are your best travel tips?

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