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Fiji, the pacific nation we’re very familiar with in this part of the world, a place many of us think of when we’re thinking about a relaxing island holiday whether it’s a romantic break, or a part adventure/part cocktails by the pool trip with the girls, and it’s no wonder! A Fiji holiday is a short 3.5 hour flight to tropical beaches, cocktails, sunsets and fab weather.

Easy enough for us to take a quick – or long – break when it’s not taking too much travel time or funds to get there! If we are escaping the winter rains or having a summer break it’s the perfect post for relaxation, rejuvenation and recreation!

The Fiji Marriot Momi Bay is a new resort recently opened on the mainland with gorgeous over water bures, and beach or lagoon front rooms. Sleek, streamlined and open planned with king sized beds made with crisp white cotton sheets, and luxurious freestanding baths, rain showers, mini bars, large TV screens, wifi and room service. You could choose a beach front view, a lagoon beach at your door step or float on the lagoon itself and roll out of bed for a dip. That’s pretty much all we need, isn’t it ?

Apart from the restaurants and bars, pools, tennis courts, water sport activities and a full service spa. I guess that is everything you’d want from a 5 star resort, right?

So if you’re planning a New Years trip away, a mid winter break or even a honeymoon we can sum up the vibe of a Fiji holiday at the Marriot Momi bay in 5 senses plus two!

fiji holiday

Fiji holiday in 5 senses, plus two


There’s the pretty blue lagoon with the traditional bures surrounding it, blue skies above as you lay on your lounger, an ocean horizon with golden sunsets at the adult pool and whirlpool. Orange sunrises & morning rays that warm the sand along with the bright smiling faces of the friendly staff. Glistening light blue pools, and glistening light coloured cocktails you can sip poolside or bar side in the swim up bar! Turquoise, seriously turquoise ocean with big bright blue starfish and teeny tiny blue fish swimming around their coral home when you snorkel off the boat.


The splish splash of a fish flipping about in the morning sunlight. A happy “Bula” from everyone and anyone whenever you pass by, and the live music floating gently across the lagoon from the lounge. The sound of the waves hitting the boat on the way to the cloud break surf spot.


Coconut oil sunscreen, my fave, slathered on poolside and the scent of the ocean on the sea breeze.


Kokoda, a knock out fresh raw fish salad, with coconut milk – could.not.get.enough! Espresso martinis later in the warm evening. Warm waffles with jam and fresh fruit in the morning. That mix of pineapple and rum flavours! Kava which is not that bad if you are wondering, it has an after taste like clove oil and is an enjoyable tradition to experience.


Sand between the toes when you take a dip in the lagoon and the light lagoon waves lapping at your ankles.
The refreshing coolness of the pools water on a hot day. The relieved muscles after a full body massage and the crisp cotton sheets when you slip into bed after another wonderful day.


Reading by the pool, taking a dip, drinking a cocktail at the pool bar and chatting about all those essential matters that are not essential when we’re busy, as well as lazy long uninterrupted meals. Paddle boarding and jet skiing, snorkelling at sea or a diving trip for the more experienced. Fun but extremely competitive games of tennis and volleyball! A quick workout to work off those waffles, and the very thrilling fun experience of zip lining.


Maya Angelou said it best when she said

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

It was the exhilaration of the zip line in the Momi Bay mountains, the thrill of snorkelling off the boat in the ocean – and the sense of accomplishment in facing that minor fear with flippers, a life jacket and a life buoy plus an encouraging guide! It was the kindness of all the guides on every adventure ensuring our experience was safe and exciting. The genuine friendliness of the working locals with a ready smile and a “bula”. The freedom to do what you want when you want. It was the pampering of the Quan spa and the spirit of taking it easy and having fun, that had me leaving the island feeling renewed and super and I can’t wait to book my next holiday!

her world ronnieWritten by Ronnie Swainston

A jet-setter with a love for sci-fi, Star Wars and Clexacon (look it up), Ronnie is a boss babe who likes to wind down with one (probably three) gin cocktails. Too often found trawling Instagram for cocktail and fashion inspo, her phone is full of #nailedit fails plus pictures of her fave people.

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  1. Vikki Sainsbury October 27, 2017 at 11:06 am

    I have only been out of NZ once in 2003 and went to Fiji, my besty worked for Air NZ at the time and earned a free trip so all I had to pay for were flights at staff rates 🙂 We stayed on a small cruise boat for 2 nights then at Beachcomber Island for 3 nights. We did buggar all (my kind of holiday) apart from drinking cocktails at the Bure, eating and swimming – loved it!

  2. Gabriella Monaghan October 27, 2017 at 9:55 am

    Another place I’d love to visit one day. I plan on showing my girls the whole of New Zealand first before we go anywhere overseas other than Australia, but Fiji will be one of our first stops.

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