Time restraint? Here are 5 toys to get you there quickly

Having a bit of “you time” should definitely be a requirement in any woman’s life! But unfortunately, we don’t all have hours of time on our hands for some R&R. If you’re crunched for time, sometimes you just want to get it over and done with – while experiencing maximum pleasure and satisfaction, of course! Is that too much to ask for?

The answer is no! With the variety of sex toys on the market, there really is something for every need and want. If you’re on a tight time schedule, let these toys get you there in the nick of time!

Clitoral stimulation

A lot of women can’t achieve orgasm without direct clitoral stimulation, which often isn’t achieved through sex. That means a little extra help is often needed, which is totally normal! In fact, only around 20 percent of woman can orgasm from penetration alone – so if you’re in the same boat, it’s not just you!

A toy such as the Satisfyer Pro promises explosive pressure using its high tech and innovative pressure wave stimulation. The ‘nozzle’ of this vibrator can be placed directly over the clitoris, but its unique touch-free design means that it won’t be pressed against it. With 11 different vibration speeds, this toy is perfect for beginners to get a feel for what you like, and will definitely help you achieve those intense orgasms.

Another popular option is the Womanizer, also known to mimic the feeling of oral sex. The Starlet is a compact and light weight version of the classic Womanizer, featuring the same high-end technology and quality. Similar to the Satisfyer, it features touch-free stimulation via the Pleasure Air Technology.

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G-spot stimulation

Toys specifically designed to hit the G-spot can also help trigger orgasm quickly and effectively. The G-spot can be a hard region to locate, and just like all other erogenous zones, it might not necessarily be a point of pleasure for everyone.

An affordable toy such as the Neon Luv Slender G is ergonomically designed for G-spot stimulation, with a soft, body-safe material and silent vibrations.
The Swan 1 is another vibrator that focuses on the G-spot, with a long, slender neck and hours of run time for maximum pleasure.

Before attempting to stimulate the G-spot with a sex toy, it’s a good idea to try and locate it yourself first. The best way to do this is through masturbation. Make sure you are relaxed and slowly insert your fingers, lifting them towards your belly button with a “come hither” motion. Keep exploring and find what feels best – remember, it’s not the same for everyone, so you’re not looking for a specific area!

Dual stimulation

Sometimes the best way to get yourself over the edge is to cover all your bases! A toy that provides dual stimulation is perfect for maximising your pleasure. Dual vibrators simultaneously target the G-spot and clitoris, therefore enhancing your chances of orgasm.

The best-selling Amore Hummer Rabbit Vibe, known for its manageable size and incredible sensations, is ideal for targeting both regions with 7 satisfying modes.

Ready, set…

Sex should never be a race, so if you’re feeling pressured into faking orgasms or you’re worried that you can’t climax on command, then don’t worry! Generally, women require at least 20 minutes of stimulation to orgasm, whereas men can orgasm in under 5 minutes. Take your time, find what works best, and you’ll be away in no time…

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