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We’re back with another sex column answering some of your most asked sexual health and hygiene questions. This week, our columnist is tackling latex-free condom options, lubricant to help maximise yours and your partners pleasure and explaining how oral dams work.

Check out her answers below and let us know if you have any questions you’d like answered anonymously.

What’s the best latex-free condom brands to use?

When it comes to latex-free condoms, there can definitely be a lack of diversity with regards to sizes and textures. Many condom brands make latex-free condoms to provide an option for that market, but don’t always think about the user – not everyone wants a stock standard condom! That’s where I think Ansell Skyn range of latex-free condoms definitely lifts the game. Whether you’re looking for a larger than average condom, extra lubricated, or even textured, the Skyn range has you covered.

What’s the best type of lube to increase pleasure?

The answer to this question all depends on what type of sensation you are looking for. Many different lubricants out there designed to bring added sensation with their use. Whether that is a tingling sensation, cooling or warming, the added stimulation can take things to the next level. You can often get added sensation lubricants in pack as well, which are a great option if you aren’t sure what ones to go for. Such as the Four Seasons Fusion His and Hers lubricant pack, which has a warming lubricant for him, and a tingling lubricant for her. Increasing pleasure can also be as simple as adding a flavoured lubricant to the mix as well. If you’re a big fan of vanilla for example, having a vanilla scented or flavoured lubricant or gel will also stimulate your other senses, which can be just as powerful as touch or a physical sensation. System Jo have a wide range of flavoured products, such as the Oral Delight Vanilla Thrill and their H2O Vanilla Lubricant.

How do oral dams help prevent you from contracting an STI?

Oral dams are a sheer barrier typically made from polyurethane or rubber latex, that are designed to be placed over the vagina or anus to act as a barrier from skin to skin contact or body fluid contact when performing oral sex. It is important to remember that not all protection against STI’s is 100% effective. As with condoms, oral dams are a great way to help protective yourself from catching anything, provided that they are used correctly. And just like condoms, they also come in different flavours! Such as the mixed pack from Glyde, which contain 3 dams in either cola, boysenberry, strawberry or vanilla.

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