Fun erotic games to play with your partner to get in the mood

Lacking a little bit of lovin’ in the bedroom?

Introducing some fun and kinky games into your relationship can be the perfect way to introduce a bit of naughty fun into the bedroom! While it may seem childish or silly, sex should always be pleasurable for both parties, and a bit of laughter to kick off the night will definitely get you started on the right foot.

Everyone’s got a bit of a hidden competitive side when it comes to games, whether it’s Monopoly or Mario Kart – it’s human nature! But these adult games will be sure to bring you and your partner closer together for a night full of fun!

Copy Cat

An easy way to get you both in the mood is to open up your laptop and watch some porn together. If you’ve never watched porn with your partner before, pick a video each and be open-minded about whatever they’ve decided (but set boundaries if you need – communication is key!). Once you get comfy, watch your chosen videos and choose a few positions or ideas from the video to re-enact, then get to it!

Don’t worry – some might be totally unattainable, but the point is to have fun! Don’t take things too seriously if you can’t quite bend in the same way the girls on the screen can (they are professionals, after all).


Introducing some “love” dice into your relationship will add a sense of unknown anticipation between you and your partner. Roll the dice and let fate decide!

The Let’s F*ck Dice Game features one dice for body parts, and another for actions, to decide what activity you’ll be performing on your partner and vice versa. Once you’ve rolled a winning roll, you can then use the silver dice to determine what sex position you’ll be finishing the night off with!
Otherwise, if you’re more inclined towards some light BDSM play, the Kinky BDSM Dice is perfect for creating some erotic sensations. Take turns rolling the dice to determine your BDSM action, and the sex position you’ll combine with it. When you’re ready to switch positions, simply roll the dice again! No equipment is needed for this game, as you’ll be able to use belts and scarves as easy replacements.

21 Questions

How well does your partner really know you? Well, you’re about to find out! Lay on your bed and have your partner stand at the other end of the room. Ask them questions about yourself, allowing them one step forward for every correct answer, and a step back with every incorrect answer. Make the questions anything you’d like – sexual, personal or pop culture!

To really get them heated up, try removing a few layers of clothing. This will add to the suspense even more.


Compromising Positions

Remember playing Twister in your childhood? Well, the classic game has now been re-invented to satisfy all of your sexual desires! The Compromising Positions Game is relatively self-explanatory – as you move your markers around the board, you must assume new positions, while trying to maintain as much of your previous position as possible.

This game is guaranteed to have you in fits of laughter, but might just help you find your new favourite sex position too!


If you consider yourself the master of all sex positions, it’s time to test that out with the position challenge! The rules are simple: see how many positions you can perform during sex before you finish. This is also a great way to make sex last longer!

Make this game even more of a challenge by trying to beat your score next time round – get creative!

Guessing Game

If you’ve always wanting to try out some light bondage in your relationship, this could be the perfect way to introduce it to your partner! Blindfold your partner and gently tie their hands together to restrict their senses. Gather some toys or objects (anything from a feather to your favourite vibrator) and tease your partner with them – but only move on to the next object when they guess what the first one is correctly!


When introducing anything new into your relationship, always ensure you remain open and honest about what you want to and don’t want to try, and what does and doesn’t feel good. This will ensure that both you and your partner are enjoying yourselves, and that you can continue to try new things in a safe environment.

Experimenting with new ideas and games can dramatically enhance your sex life, and is perfect for getting you in the mood!

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