Getting your emoji sexting on

If you are getting into the dating scene or looking to spice things up a bit with your current partner, emoji sexting could be for you.

Sexting with emoji’s is a lucky invention for those of us who couldn’t quite get in to the whole descriptive language necessary for phone sex and plain old sexting. It’s a bit of fun, you can be creative and it’s also a safe way to flirt a little and see what sort of response you get.

Getting started

First up, as with any sexy communication, be confident the recipient of your sexts is going to be receptive and discrete. And also, never sext when you are drunk!

The basic emoji of sexting are all about food. And anatomy. The eggplant emoji is universally acknowledged as a penis and the taco is the vagina/vulva. Which presumably needs stuffing. A honey jar, lollipop or peach are a sweeter version of the vagina which you could also use a (pussy)cat , cookie, diamond or flower. Cherries, sunnies, and a camel can be boobs.

Depending on what message you want to get across, you could also use a carrot for a peen although as this is not as impressive as the eggplant you need to use it wisely. A shrimp represents a small penis while the banana, is more evocative of sexy times than a penis itself. Other popular emjoi’s for a penis are corn, cactus, or mushroom. While we are there, the testicles can be shown as grapes (not to be confused as for haemorrhoids ‘cos I guess they are not a regular feature of sexy times), cherries, a (hazel)nut, avocado and clinking beer glasses.

The peach is pretty much the most popular representation for a butt, but switch it up with a chestnut, apple, pear, full moon, or melon.

It’s contextual

First up it’s important to realise that, as with many emoji’s, there may be multiple meanings for the same emoji and depending on who you are communicating will define the meaning. By all means tell your mum you’re sweating by sending the drops of water emoji, but to someone intimate it could mean ejaculation. The cute unicorn emoji seems innocent enough but in the sexting world it can mean you are keen for an other world experience. The gay community commonly accepts this as reference to a bisexual woman who has sex with heterosexual couples.

Sexting emoji can have multiple meanings. The cherry emoji can represent balls, butts or boobs, the chestnut can be nuts or a butt, and the melon can be breasts butts and nuts! Choose your favourite and stick to it to for the sake of clarity.

Get into the action

Now you have your bits identified, you can get some action! Here are some common meanings for some emojis. You can get started with these but remember there people tend to develop their own emoji sext language so be prepared to think outside the box (excuse the pun).

  • tongue – best assume this one refers to oral. The smiley face with tongue out refers to the same thing but I kinda find that one a bit yuck
  • sweat drops  – sexy bodily fluids
  • rocket ship – use this for after your sexy times to describe how it was for you (hopefully) or for a penis that is ready for action
  • fire – you’re HOT or the sex we had was hot
  • octopus – cuddle
  • bed – ready for bed
  • finger pointing to the right followed by OK hand – intercourse
  • waving hand – spanking
  • horned devil face – ‘I’m horny’
  • up and down arrow – up and down motion
  • cancer star sign  symbol – 69
  • smiley face with x eyes – orgasm or x-rated
  • camel (with humps) – intercourse
  • tent – boner
  • whale – penis orgasm
  • explosion – vaginal orgasm

All together now!

Like learning any language, there comes the time when you need to start stringing your words together. Luckily with emoji sexting you can stick to verbs, nouns and adjectives – not a conjunction to be seen!

Written by Sophie Aaron

An avid yogi and free spirit, this babe loves all things health and fitness related. When she isn’t eating something strange and healthy looking, you’ll find her thrift shopping or getting out in nature.

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