A Beginner Guide to Lay on Vibrators

Why are people going wild for lay-on vibrators? Well – have you tried one! They’re incredible. It doesn’t matter whether you own no toys, one toy, or 100 toys, a lay-on vibrator is the perfect toy to include in your kit.

So, what is a lay-on vibrator? It’s basically what the name suggests. Lay-on vibrators are generally egg or oval shaped, and can be used to massage any part of the body. Mostly though you lay on them, or you lay them on you.

Their smooth, oval surface makes the vibrations easily dispersed and less intensive than a pin-point clitoral vibrator, which makes them perfect for stimulating the clitoris and vulva without being over-powering. They’re not intended to be used internally.

Here are five reasons why you should buy a lay-on vibrator

They’re so versatile

What sets lay-on vibes aside from other vibrators is the number of different ways you can use them.

Lay-on clitoral massagers can be used on any external part of the body, such as the nipples and other erogenous zones. You can use them anywhere that isn’t internal.

They’re great for extra stimulation

Lay on vibrators are sometimes called clitoral vibrators because they’re an essential stimulation tool for your clitoris. For some people, direct clitoral stimulation is just too much. Lay-on vibrators spread the vibration and don’t hammer your clitoris. If you prefer gentle stimulation that lets you stay in control – a lay-on vibrator is exactly what you need. They also provide stimulation to your vulva – you can lay the vibrator flat and grind against it.

They’re awesome for couples

If used during couples play, the vibrator acts as the perfect catalyst for foreplay providing clitoral stimulation for her and stimulation around the shaft and balls for him. They can also be used for additional stimulation during sex, without getting in the way.

They’re so easy to use

Literally, just lay them on your clitoris or nipples or balls. So simple – lay back and enjoy. If you’ve had a long day and you don’t want to muck about getting a suction device exactly on your clitoris, the lay-on is a good a choice. Just lay it down!

They’re the best beginner vibrator out there

If you’re a little nervous about toys that’s ok! Lay-on massagers are an excellent first toy. They’re not internal, they’re easy to use, you’re in control with their vibrations and you don’t need to be an expert to use them.

They can be an entry level toy – while still being an absolute favourite among people who love toys and have a lot!

So, if you want to buy a lay-on what should you go for? There isn’t a lot of diversity when it comes to lay-on vibrators since their core designs are very similar. However, you can pretty much categorize all lay-on vibrators into three main types.

Battery operated lay-on vibrators

Battery operated lay-on vibrators are your standard massagers, they’re able to do everything a rechargeable lay-on vibrator can but they’re on the lower end of the price spectrum. The only downside to these compared to other lay-on vibrators is that they’re battery operated, meaning you’ll need to replace the batteries after a few hours of playtime.

Rechargeable lay-on vibrators

Rechargeable massagers have all the same benefits of battery-operated massagers while also having the ability to recharge with a USB. The only downside is that they’re priced a little higher, but they’re worth the investment!

Rabbit lay-on vibrators

Rabbit lay-on vibrators give you more options and sensations – particularly for your clitoris.  Coming with a range of different vibration levels and functions along with USB rechargeability, if you can afford the luxury, rabbit lay-on vibrators are as good as it gets.

The OVO Lay-On Massager is showerproof, whisper quiet and features five powerful programs to get you off and is completely body-safe and phthalate-free.

So, what are you waiting for? You have no better excuse to lie down!

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