5 Spooky Sex Positions to try this Halloween

A recent survey from the global sexual wellness brand Lovehoney found that 57% of people are up for spicing things up in the bedroom and 47% would like to try more positions to add variety*.

In celebration of the spookiest day of the year and to encourage New Zealanders to free their sexual fantasies, Lovehoney has shared its sexiest positions to try to get your freak on this Halloween.


How to do it: A frightful twist on missionary, start by laying on your back with both your arms and legs straight in their air. Get your partner to lie on top and go deep, with their arms on either side of you. This one’s perfect for intimate neck nibbles that’ll leave you screaming the house down.

Try: Get creative with a wearable couple’s vibrator, pushing the tip against your favourite internal or external hotspots. Trust us, it’ll leave you both trembling.

V for Vampire

How to do it: Now here’s a position that doesn’t suck. Lie on your back with your legs in the air in a ‘v’ for vampire shape. Get your partner to lie on their front and thrust inside you, for the ultimate deep penetration. The thrill alone will be enough to wake you from the dead.

Try: This position also works great for same-sex couples, just add a vibrating strap-on or cock ring for an extra buzz.

The Frog

How to do it: Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble. The frog is the perfect ingredient for a wicked night of naughtiness. To get the most from this position, lie on your back with one leg bent at the knee like our amphibian friends. Then, get your partner to hop on top with their leg over the top of your bent knee, entering you from the side.

Try: Get your lover to slip on a finger vibrator for precise pleasure aimed at your sweet spots – you’ll be leaping for joy!


How to do it: Get caught up in a web of passion with the Spider. A complicated one to master, the Spider is not for the faint-hearted. Position yourself on the sofa with your head on the floor and body on the sofa, legs spread. Get your partner to climb on top with their legs wrapped around you, placing their feet in your hands.

Try: Take pleasure to new heights with a butt tingler. Coat in plenty of lube and use to stimulate sensitive nerve-endings.

Witch’s Broom

How to do it: Get ready for the ride of your life with the witch’s broom. Get your partner to plank between two chairs and then climb aboard cowgirl style. Enjoy the sense of power as you control the rhythm whilst riding your broomstick – you’ll be flying high all the way until morning.

Try: Add some light bondage into the mix to cast a spell over your lover and take things up a notch.

*Lovehoney Sexual Happiness Survey, 2019

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