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My old vacuum died of natural causes just in time for me to be given the new Dyson Cyclone V10 cord-free vacuum to try out for a month to see if it changed my life…

Ok, who really wants to chat about cleaning? Not many, if any. But while we may not want to chat about how we keep our homes clean when we catch up with friends over a pinot gris in the summer sun, or a pumpkin spice latte around Halloween, we do LOVE to talk about our best buys and how they fit perfectly with the feels we’re aiming for in our lazy Sunday living room, or our sparkly kitchen, or our inspired work space and textual bedrooms. But all of this aesthetic loving and instagramming would not be so lit if our home was paru – that is dirty.

Now I love talking aesthetics and bargain finds, and I’m also quite particular about cleanliness and tidiness, but anal or not, who really wants to roll out the vac, plug it in, clean the floor, unplug, roll it away, then do it all again when you accidentally sit on the popcorn bowl on the couch, and don’t even get me started on finding motivation to clean the car. Not many, if any. It’s such a draaaaag, making every mess seem so much bigger than it needs to be.

So let me introduce the Dyson Cyclone V10.

Does it suck?

I was suspicious at first because once I’d bought a hand held vac so I could be easily motivated to clean my car and it was one of the single worst purchases of my life. I had to pick up the bits I was trying to dispose of and cup them in my hand for the hand held piece of junk to suck it up, like I was feeding a baby animal. I disposed of it along with any belief cordless/handheld vaccumes could do anything but rob my money.

With the Dyson Cyclone V10, I figured what have I got to lose, my colour co-ordinated vac is dead so it’s got to be better than nothing. Of course it was better than nothing but what I discovered was that it was the best vaccum I’ve ever had in my life! I’m not even kidding. It sucks! It has a powerful suction and comes with two heads, deep cleaning carpets, sucking up our furry friends pet hair, and removing fine dust and debris from hard floors. The floors hadn’t felt so clean!

dyson cleaner


Light enough to swing it up to the ceiling and snatch those dusty webs, and coming with multiple attachments it quickly transforms to a handheld vac for couch, car, edges and tight spots – nothing was left unsucked! The battery claims up to 60 minutes fade-free suction, so long as you remember to charge it (oops) you can whizz through your house in one non stop swoop – or grab it anytime for any random mess, keeping the house spik n’ span without much effort. I was so happy.


If you do have a furry friend malting through the house or have pet and dust allergies the whole system filtration captures 99.97% of particles as small as… tiny. Capturing the dust and allergens to expel cleaner air unlike my colour co-ordinated one that was leaving the house in a scent of burning muck. The Dyson also has a point and shoot ejector. Unclip, point into the bin and shoot, hygienically driving out the captured dust and debris – in the bin, not all over you, up your nose and back to the floor.


Acoustically engineered to direct sound and improve airflow making the V10 quiet to use. It has three settings – low, med and high with the corresponding noise level as you can imagine. The highest setting is the loudest, and let’s not pretend it makes no noise, but it doesn’t sound anything like something wild is dying in your hands like many high velocity vacs do. The lower settings are quieter again making me wonder if it was working much, but you can see all the dust and debris collecting in the clear container, so yes, indeed it was cleaning and clearing up!

The Dyson Cyclone V10 changed me as a person. Okay, I’m purposely being extra about my latest carpet cleaning experience, but I legit became more… easy going. True story.

Toast, biscuit and cake crumbs crumbled, pasta was thrown (don’t ask), windows and doors left open in these warm spring days invited dust and leaves into the house, shoes dragged in stones and dirt, hair was brushed, crumbly protein bars were quickly munched in the car on the way to work, and none of this mattered. I didn’t watch as the debris dropped in slow motion to the floor or furniture while I screamed internally. No sir. I lived life without such concerns! Stuffing that crumbling protein bar with reckless abandon into my mouth happily. And as if I was actually an apron wearing 50’s housewife, I glided along with my Dyson in one hand sucking up mess and madness and ejecting it from my life – whilst smiling, for real!

Whether you’re as intense about cleaning, or not, the Dyson Cyclone V10 really can clean, and makes it super easy to do so regularly. I don’t know what I’ll do without it!

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