Creative ways to display your favourite snaps

In a world of social media, it can be tempting to leave all your favourite photos sitting on your Facebook page – or worse, stuck in a folder on your phone or computer! However, regularly viewing photos from your adventures or milestones is such a great way to relive them (and get motivated to make more memories!). Having photos up on your walls is also a great way to inject your personality into your décor and show guests who you are as a person – and what type of life you’ve lived.

It’s time to rescue all those long lost and forgotten photos from sitting sadly on your computer or phone. Here are some fun and creative ways to showcase your gorgeous images!


Wall decals

Turning your images into wall decals means you can stick them up anywhere you please without needing to fuss around with hanging frames (or ruining paintwork!). If the quality is decent, you can enlarge them or even get them cropped into various shapes for a different, funky look! There are a few places online that do this, such as Happy Moose and Diamond Photo.

Photo grids

Almost Insta-inspired, photo grids are an easy, non-permanent way to display a lot of photos – ideal if you can’t decide which holiday photo you want on your wall! We covered the top half of a wall in our lounge by sticking our 6×4 prints up with blu-tack and get lots of comments on it. I chose to mix up lots of bright colours in mine and tried to mix up photos of people and scenery. You could also do this with black & white photos for a more dramatic, moody effect.


DIY peg & string frame

Remove the backing from a cool frame and staple a few rows of string on the back from one side to the other. Use wooden pegs to peg your photos along the string like a washing line. Simple but effective! If DIY isn’t your thing, you can pick these types of frames up pretty easily from home décor shops.

Custom cellphone case

Give everyone else something cool to look at while you’re taking selfies! Nowadays a lot of us spend a lot of times on our phones – and our phone case often says a lot about us! So why not get one custom made with one of your favourite photos? If you have an iPhone or a Samsung, PhotoBox have some cool designs and options.

Mix into a gallery wall

Who said photos and art can’t go together? Print different sized photos and add them in with art pieces or framed typographic quotes that accentuate your snaps. For extra inspiration on gallery walls, check out our post on creating an Aztec themed display.


Pin over a map

If you’re a gal who loves to travel (who isn’t?), pin your holiday snaps over where they were taken on a national or world map. If you have too many to choose from (lucky you!), stick them around the side and connect them to your past destinations with string or ribbon.


Hopefully there are a few ideas in there to get you started. How do you display your favourite photos in your home?

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