Nourishing my skin in a gentle way is the only way

You should by now be familiar with Weleda’s Skin Food skin care range we’ve been talking about, our skin’s been eating it up for a good wee while now.

Skin Food is Weleda’s #1 selling skin care product in NZ “widely used by celebrities and makeup artists around the world”. Included in the Skin Food range is Skin Food, NEW Skin Food Light, a NEW indulgent Skin Food Body Butter and NEW nourishing Skin Food Lip Balm.

I don’t know whether celebrities and make-up artists have the same issues as me, probably not, but my skin, by body, tends to get aggressive, almost angry, if I touch it with anything it disagrees with or anything it finds almost too nourishing and good for it (including too much salad or green food). How unfortunate. So I’m left having to wear only the goldest of gold or silvery-est of silvers, only eat half apples, salads in moderation, and use light moisturiser.

THANKFULLY Weleda has introduced Skin Food Light. I’m still able to access all of that delciousness for my skin now in a lighter form, which has turned out to be most acceptable to my touchy skin!

What is Weleda Skin Food?

Skin Food Light

A light, quickly-absorbed cream, bringing immediate comfort to dry skin. The silky lotion combines organic sunflower oil with natural extracts of calendula, pansy and chamomile. 

Your skin feels the loving care of instant moisture, while the light formulation regenerates the skin’s own protective barrier, protecting it from drying out.


Weleda is an ethical and sustainable company creating the highest quality skin care and medicines. They create beautiful natural and organic products that help feed your mind, body and soul.


I found that Weleda’s Skin Food Light walks its talk. The moisturising cream absorbed much more quickly than regular Skin Food. The formula combines sunflower oil with other natural extracts, which is what I’m presuming gives that slightly oiled feeling and texture to your skin, but this also absorbed much quicker. Overall it had a much lighter feel on the skin but still left the skin feeling the nourishment in needed.

This light formulation and quick absorption without a doubt or an angry look from my skin works for me. Quickly absorbed it is ideal for on the go, and my skin felt nourished in a gentle way, that is the only way for my skin! 

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