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litlistI absolutely love ‘me time’ doing my makeup. Makeup is fun, creative and experimental. I never used to use false lashes but now the game is over. Every time I go out with a full makeup of makeup I am always wearing lashes. They can pull your look together and make you feel like a boss bi*ch!

My experience

Ardell are Lash Legends. If you have never used an Ardell Lash you are missing out. I was able to test out some of their new Lash range, and boy did they not disappoint. Lashes can be finnicky and difficult to use but Ardell has come out with some incredible and easy-to-use tools that make the lash game user-friendly for everyone.

Why I’d recommend it

These products are made for convenience. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in the lash world you can accomplish any look with Ardell. Their user-friendly technology will keep you gravitating towards their products and we’re not mad about it!

Duo Line It, Lash It

With every set of eyelashes you must use a good glue. Duo tops the cake with world renowned love and appreciation for their glue. But it gets better. Duo have released an eyeline and lash glue in one! You heard me right!

This lash glue is absolutely perfect for those who are killer at the eyeliner game but struggling will glue and lashes.

The wand is a little thick so if you are trying to keep liner to a minimum maybe using lash glue is the best bet for you.

When I tried Duo’s Line it, Lash it my lashes stayed on all day long without any touch-ups and the liner stayed in place too. The liner is easy to remove at the end of the day, with an oil based remover it slid right off.

I recommend this to anyone who has amazing liner skills and wants to start dabbling in the lash game.

Ardell Wispies

A cult classic, that will never disappoint. I adore wispies lashes and have been using them for years. The clear bands let the lashes seamlessly blend into your natural lash line and create the perfect look. There are so many styles to choose from so you are able to chose what would best suit you.

Lift Effect

They aren’t lying when they say lift. When you glue the band to your natural lash line, the extensions raise above your natural lashes giving an elevated look. If you wear black mascara on your natural lashes this will also give the appearance of fuller lashes as well.

Lift Effect Lashes also have a clear band giving a seamless look.

Extension FX

Elongate and Widen your lashes with Extension FX lashes! Whether you prefer a more rounded eye or cat eye, these lashes are perfect!

I tried out the C Curl style and I’m obsessed! The lashes are full and give a nice shape to the eye.


Dual Lash Applicator

One of my least favourite parts of putting lashes on is getting glue all over my fingers.

My fingers get tacky and stuck in the lash and it all ends up a mess. But with the dual applicator I put my lashes on keeping clean hands!

It does take some time getting used to using an applicator. So, when first learning how to apply lashes I would suggest practising with just using your fingers until you get used to your eye and where a lash should sit.

With the lash applicator there are 2 ends, one to apply the lash and one to secure it in place. These allow you to have more precision and really make sure it is in the right place. Once you are confident with applying lashes by hand this applicator will speed up the process and increase precision.

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