Make-up For Beginners

Okay you want to dive into the world of makeup! Well congratulations you’ve taken the first step in understanding the art. Makeup artists make every technique look difficult as heck, but the more practice you have the more you will improve. So, don’t worry you’re just starting.

The first step in the makeup world is nailing your skin care routine. Washing your face once a day, applying moisturiser and sunscreen at the least. This will create a smooth base to apply your products to.

Once you are happy with the way your skin care routine is going then you can launch into makeup!


When starting makeup people recommend using a BB cream as a base, but light coverage foundation will be your best bet when beginning your journey. Using a heavy coverage foundation as a beginner’s base can lead to colour issues, cakey appearance and odd textures.

Colour matching your skin products is a very important step. You can go into a beauty/makeup store and have them match your skin colour.

Top Tip: Before opening your wallet, have a foundation swatched on your face and walk out of the store to continue your day. See how the foundation holds up, as well as if it oxidises to an odd colour. If not, you can go back and bam you have made your first purchase.


To set your foundation I would suggest using a finely milled translucent loose powder as a starting point. This way the powder adds no colour to your face and will not make you face appear cakey. Using a large powder brush lightly swipe the powder concentrating on areas you find get oily, and staying away from areas you find dry.


Contour is confusing for many people. When starting out with makeup, use a bronzer as your contour. This is a darker powder which will give shadows in areas that will enhance your features. Using a simple 3/E shape you are able to hit all the basic areas. Once you learn about your face shape you are able to hit the spots that need the shadowing.


For your eyebrows you’ll need tweezers and a brow pencil/spoolie duo. If you want full coverage over your brows, powder or pomade are great for creating eyebrow hairs that aren’t there. If you’re brand new, it’s easier to start with powder. The brow gel will hold your eyebrows in place after you’ve finished filling them in. As a general guide, the head (A) of your eyebrow should line up with the outer edge of your nostril and the tail (C) should line up diagonally with that nostril.


I call this the transformative step… Mascara! The best way to get those full lashes without using false lashes is by using an eyelash curler. Mascara wands are made for different purposes. There are lengthening wands, volume wands, thickening wands and curling wands. You can choose what outcome you would like and pick a mascara with the corelating wand.

These are the most basic steps of a makeup look. If you are wanting to go into eyeshadow and more colourful looks the best tip I have is to find a makeup YouTube channel that you love, and practise their tips and tutorials. This way you can in a sense ‘copy’ what they do and as you become more confident you can make it your own.

Some influencers that have helped me improve are….

Michael Finch

James Charles


You can even check out our Youtube Channel for some Tutorials!

When buying an eyeshadow palette, neutral colours are the best colours to go for at the beginning. This way you can test out looks and find what you are confident with, then you can launch into colour. When buying colourful palettes, quality is really important. Higher quality shades have better pigment and are blendable. Companies like Morphe, Zoeva and Jefree Star Costmetics have incredible payoff and will start your makeup journey.

Now you are left to explore and expand your ideas and collection! Products that can amplify anyone look are things like eyeliner to create a sharp eye look, highlighter to point out the highest point of your face, lip liner and lipstick of course!

But remember… makeup is an art so do your thing, get creative and wild, because at the end of the day you can just wipe it all off!

What is your go- to makeup product?

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