Make-Up Tutorials For You!

As artists get more and more creative with their make-up, us babes (and those make-up lovin’ guys) can perfect our technique and stay flawless 24/7. If you ever find yourself bored with nothing to do, why not pull out those eye shadow palettes and unleash your inner make-up artist.

I’ve been doing make-up on myself and my sisters since I was 8 years old, learning new tricks and styles along the way. As a trained dancer, our end of year shows were my place to shine and while I love my mum dearly, her untrained eye meant I had to take matters into my own hands when it came to style – and I haven’t stopped since! A truly therapeutic experience, I love being able to play with different looks because no matter how wild and creative things get, the best part is you can wash it off at the end of the day.

I’ve filmed some easy tutorials you gorgeous people can follow to help you get a look that’s perfect for a night out or a day in the office.

Golden Glam

This is perfect for a date night, a special event or just for fun.

Easy and Affordable Everyday Look

This is an easy to follow tutorial on the basics of make-up.

Simple Cut Crease

Nailing a cut crease look is the beginning of your make-up adventure!


Now you’ve the basics nailed, why not have a play around with colour? We are loving this sunset vibes at the moment!

SophiaWritten by Sophia Ivory

Curly hair and she don’t care, this stylish babe plays by her own rules. With a love for dance and all things body positive, you’ll usually find her searching out the latest fashion trends and digging through local thrift stores. Word of warning, don’t bring your dachshund around her, she’ll want to keep it.

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