5 Winter Makeup Hacks

There are many reasons why winter time is great: The cosiness of a fire, fluffy winter pyjamas, and a great excuse to curl up with a movie and chill. Unfortunately, the cold weather doesn’t do too much good for our skin and trying to get that healthy glow with makeup requires a different technique altogether.

I’ve put together the best ways to get a glowing face so that you don’t have to worry about looking like you’ve spent the year living in Antarctica!


Use an oil for the ultimate skin hydration

I’m not talking about slathering your face in olive oil but rather using a serum like rosehip oil or an elixir oil. An elixir oil contains many different oils combined into one. Some of them even include broccoli seed oil which encourages cell renewal and regeneration. Place this on your skin morning and night to help replenish all the goodness that has dried out through the cold weather.

Turn your powders into creams

During winter you should ditch the powders altogether and opt for a cream texture with your makeup. However, there is no need to go out and buy a new makeup kit if you have a few powders already. All you need to do is place a small amount of powder onto your hand, mix in with a drop of moisturiser and combine. Keep adding powder to the liquid and vice versa until you have the shade and consistency that you’re after.

This hack will work great with anything that is a powder such as eyeshadow, blush, loose mineral foundation and bronzer. When you apply it to your face, aim for long brushstrokes to reduce the mount of fall out and help the product stay on.

Use a primer on the driest parts of your face before you put on your makeup

A primer will help give your makeup a healthy overall glow. Because it’s winter you don’t need to apply it all over your face. You only need one to two pumps of a primer and focus specifically on your T Zone. Avoid putting primer on the outer parts of your face as these areas don’t seem to sweat much during winter.

Lighten up your foundation

Use a lighter shade foundation in winter than what you normally would wear in summer. Our skin adjusts to our climate and it’s only natural that in winter we may not see as much sun and daylight as we would in summer. Going up a shade will mean that your makeup blends seamlessly into your neck and doesn’t leave you looking like you’ve escaped from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Warm up your beauty products before putting them on your face

Take your concealer and place it on your hand first before you apply it to your face. If it’s a stick concealer simply draw a few circles on your hand to warm the concealer up before putting the stick on your under-eye area.

Your eyeliner will be harder to apply in winter so run it under the hairdryer for a few seconds to warm the end up for a smooth application. If your mascara is clumpy simply ensure the lid is shut well and stir the entire mascara (not just the wand) around in a cup of warm water for 20 seconds. Give it a couple of pumps to mix the mascara over the wand evenly and voila!


As a rule of thumb, the more products you use the drier your skin will be over winter. However, if you’re a full coverage kinda gal then not even winter will stop you looking fabulous with these tips!

What’s your biggest struggle with winter makeup?

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Written by Analesha Little

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