Chocolates Are A Girl’s Best Friend

You may have heard diamonds are a girl’s best friend but I have it on good authority that chocolates are better, they’re not hard to get hold of, they’re not just out of grasp, they’re not full of promise and heavy with cost, NO, chocolates are available to all, affordable for all, right there for the good times, and can provide comfort in the not so good times, especially when mixed with ice-cream and cookies, and cocktails, and human and furry friends gathering for a tv series marathon.

Guylian’s Master’s Selection

So now we’ve ascertained chocolates are a girl’s best friend let me tell you Guylian’s Master’s Selection is the sweetest, little daintiest, cutest box of chocolates y’all ever did see, packing a punch of flavour in every dainty bite!

We’re all familiar with Guylians infamous signature hazelnut praline Belgian chocolates shaped in shells and seahorses, the Masters Selection celebrates 50 years of expertise and combines tradition with creativity.

Each chocolate is the perfect bite size, perfect for an after dinner sweet with coffee, perfect for a tasteful treat, perfect to quench that chocolate craving and perfect for that Christmas chocolate gift from one classy gal to… whoever.

guylians chocolates

What’s in the box?

Falling into the traditional category is one of my faves Almond Praline with pieces of caramalised almonds, Crunchy Hazelnut Praline a crunchy marriage of hazelnut praline and Quimper wafer, Guylians Signature Hazelnut Praline, Mocha an almond praline combined with a mocha ganache and a pure ganache with orange coulis and a twist of golden berries simply called Orange. Turning up the combos is a ganache of Belgian white chocolate with fresh raspberry and a touch of Brazilan pink pepper called Raspberry and my most favourite Caramel Pinapple – caramel with pieces of pineapple from Costa Rice and flavoured with lemon. The raspberry and pineapple caramel runs through your mouth and the flavour pops through the white ganache and milk chocolate. Completing the box is a  pure ganache infused with coffee and cardamom from Guatemala Coffee Cardamom, a dark ganach with infusion of Earl Grey from Sri Lanka Earl Grey Tea, and a ganache of Belgian dark chocolate with ginger and a touch of lime Ginger – Lime, hints of those flavours are left after each bite but the dark ganache dominates for all those with a weakness for its keen taste.

Such is the powerful punch of flavour each little bite packs you may think you could knock off the box in one go but the simple truth is, you won’t.  Instead you’ll tuck a few away with your favourite tipple (coffee for me) and hide the rest , I mean share the rest.

It’s on the Lit List

Deserving its place in our lit list because of the deliciously creative tastes inside the cutest dainty little chocolates, the Guylians Masters Selection is wrapped up in an equally sweet wee box all ready to be given or served to your near and dear, including oneself!

AND did you know that every time you buy Guylian chocolates you are supporting Project Seahorse, an international Marine Organization. Saving seahorses means saving the seas.

So this is no guilty pleasure but a call to duty, an honor, a responsibility, to do your bit, one chocolate at a time!

her world ronnieWritten by Ronnie Swainston

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