Batiste Have Upped Their Dry Shampoo Game And We’re Here For It

With the weather cooling down, I’ve become more unorganised in the mornings which means I’ve had to turn to my Batiste far more than usual. A few quick bursts of their new range before I run out the door has my hair looking presentable and flawless. It’s my secret weapon and I love it.

Behind the scenes

There are four products in the new range that are doing the most to keep your hair looking and feeling flawless. Depending on the day and the season, my hair can easily need ALL of these products to give it back its life.

Damage control

It’s probably safe to say that most of us are walking around with dry or damaged hair because when we were younger, no one told us that we should be protecting our hair before straightening. Just me? Anyway, the damage control dry shampoo is great for over-processed hair and can be used by easily spraying through your hair and working it through.

  • Strengthening keratin
  • Protect against heat styling


Want a smooth and silky look? This dry shampoo feels lightweight and works best on frizzy hair. Don’t worry though, if you’ve got a different style of hair you can still use this product by spraying it all over and working it through.

  • Has smoothing coconut formula
  • Smooth out frizz
  • Great for frizzy hair


This is going to be your best friend during the winter and summer months ladies. Best for normal or dry hair, the hydrate formula works best when sprayed all the way from your roots to ends before a quick brush out.

  • Moisturising avocado
  • Won’t dry out your hair
  • Leave it feeling soft and smooth


Best used on hair that is fine, flat or just a little lifeless, the volume dry shampoo helps give your hair new life with an easy spray on the roots and a backcomb.

  • Contains plumping collagen
  • Add volume, body and texture

My thoughts

Already a convert to the Batiste way of life, I wasn’t shocked to find that the new range works even better than its predecessors.

As a girl who has very thin hair, I need all the help I can get when it comes to styling so the Volume dry shampoo has been my BFF since it came into my possession. I’ve been using it every other day and mixing in the Hydrate formula which has been working a treat for my locks.

I had one of my girlfriends take the De-Frizz for a spin and she happily reported that she wouldn’t be returning it because she was in love with what it was doing for her unruly hair.

One of the things I love about Batiste is that even if you need to give your hair a spray two or three times a day for different events, your hair never feels oily or heavy after use. They also don’t have an overpowering scent that takes your breath away and they don’t leave a nasty residue in your hair either.

With compact packaging, you can easily stow this away in your handbag, makeup bag or suitcase if you’re heading away for a long weekend.

Check out the NEW range and find out more at Batiste.

Do you use dry shampoo as part of your morning routine?

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