Splore Festival’s Ready for One Major Celebration

Splore celebrates its 20th year as NZ’s longest running music and artist festival.

Festival-goers prepare to choose from over 100 music and performance acts and 15 commissioned art projects staged throughout the beautiful Tapapakanga Park 21-24 February 2019. 


Splore is celebrating its 20th anniversary this festival.  John Minty, Festival and Music Director says the boutique festival sold out five weeks ago and this has provided an opportunity to communicate with the audience about what sets Splore festival apart.

“The Splore values are an integral part of the Splore experience” says Minty. “We are passionate about our audience understanding how things roll at Splore and how this positively contributes to being a part of an amazing community for three days.”

The Wendy’s Wellness schedule has tripled in size due to more demand from festival goers to find their flow with yoga or have a massage. Kids are taken care of too with their fully programmed entertainment zone.

This year the Splore Mobi site supplied by Spark, will make it easy for festival goers to carry the seven zones of entertainment in their pocket and find the art installations around the park with the cartoon styled map which also acts as a festival guide. People can text splore to 332 to receive the link to the Splore Mobi site. Download the Splore 2019 programme here!

splore site map

Splore has always been a trailblazer in the world of sustainable events and remain proud to be the first festival in Aotearoa to win the international A Greener Festival Award for progressive sustainability initiatives. 2019 will see Splore move even closer to its goal of Zero Waste.

Splore’s Producer Fred Kublikowski says “Splore is committed to #LeaveNoTrace, leaving the beautiful Tapapakanga exactly as we found it. We ask people to bring their own drink bottles, invest in quality long-lasting camping equipment, avoid the use of harmful plastics such as non biodegradable glitter and glow sticks, and use the composting, recycling bins on site. Splore communicates all this in a fun way using puppets which are quirky and funny, engaging the audience while getting the message across – check one out.

Respect for the land, local iwi and fellow audience members is core to Splore’s success. This means being mindful of cultural appropriation and seeking consent before you hug or touch anyone.

Splore is a safe place where everyone can express themselves openly.  

Both Minty and Kublikowski are in agreement that creating Splore is a huge responsibility and it’s people’s behaviour – past and present that has created that special Splore vibe.

“When we’re all on the same page and partying in the same direction, magical things happen”

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