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getting fit motivation

5 ways to motivate yourself to keep exercising

We want this year to be your best year yet, so we've put together 5 totally doable ways to motivate ...
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doing yoga at home

Summer fitness guide: At home

Don't feel like leaving the house? Check out these easy fitness tips  you can try at home - some even ...
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cooked steak dinner

10 best foods for women

While everyone should eat well to stay healthy, women have changing nutritional needs at different stages of life and need ...
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woman happy health

5 fun ways to live longer

Healthy living isn't just about salads and yoga. Find out 5 indulgences that are actually good for you ...
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7 health questions you should ask your mum

7 health questions you should ask your mum

Your mum's good for more than just TLC and relationship advice. She's a valuable source of information that could keep ...
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Healthy smoothie ideas

Whether you're on a diet or need something to keep you full, smoothies are a healthy (and delicious) way to ...
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body positive

7 ways to be body positive

These 7 steps to a positive body image show you how to love your body, yourself and your natural beauty ...
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walking for fitness

Summer fitness guide: Walk it out

Walking for just 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference to your health and is perfect for those of us who aren't able to get to the gym ...
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Boost energy

9 ways to boost your energy

Discover simple steps you can take to increase your energy levels every day ...
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quick cakes

Rebake cakes the healthy way

You can still enjoy cakes and baked treats - all you need to do is reduce the kilojoules and ingredients ...
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sun safety

Understanding sunscreen

There aren't many things better than a Kiwi summer, but make sure you stay protected with these sunscreen tips ...
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Healthy shopping

Create a healthy eating shopping list

We've gathered a list of healthy food items you should pick up and which foods to 'pass' on the next ...
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