Get yourself a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t break the bank

How to save on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle including diet, exercise, and managing stress.

There’s lots of things to think about if you want to life a healthy lifestyle and many of them seem to involve spending a lot of money. However, it is possible to do all the right things, and not go broke. We have 8 easy ways to spend less money while getting healthy – and that’s also a healthy thing to do right?

1. Stop buying supplements

There really is no need to supplement your healthy diet with vitamins and minerals. In fact taking too many or for too long can actually be harmful. There are a few exceptions – if you are pregnant or hoping to get pregnant folic acid is a must, while if you have a restricted diet or a health concern you should have a chat with your GP.

2. Exercise cheaply

Regular exercise definitely contributes to a healthy body and can help reduce medical costs so it’s a win:win but only pay for what you use. If you have an annual or monthly gym membership but don’t get there as often as you should, consider pay as you go options or stop spending all together and take advantage of the footpaths, trails, and outdoor exercise equipment and stairs that are dotted around our towns and cities.

3. Buy in season fruit and veges

These are likely to be fresher, cheaper and have fewer carbon miles associated with them so you are saving the planet too.

4. Prepare meatless meals

While there is still a place for the old meat and 3 veg meals, incorporating meatless meals into your meal planning is doubly beneficial – they are cheaper and good for you.

5. Get online

Use your screen time to find some of the amazing free yoga youtube videos and sleep and meditation apps. You can also find some fantastic exercise at home videos.

6. Drink water

‘Tap juice’ is free, has zero calories and is the most healthy drink you can have! If you don’t like the taste of your tap water an inexpensive water filter jug will take away any chlorine taste.

7. Breathe

Like water, breathing is free and so good for you. Most of us don’t breathe in a way that uses our full lung capacity so take a few deeeeeep breathes to help reduce stress and blood pressure and give you a bit more energy.

8. Give fruit based juices a miss

Fruit is definitely part of a healthy diet but the fruit based juices aren’t as good for you as it might seem. One large fresh juice might contain the juice of more than 8 pieces of fruit and that is going to give you a big, expensive, sugar hit. You are much better off to have an apple – it’s still got all its lovely fibre for your bowel.

Written by Sophie Aaron

An avid yogi and free spirit, this babe loves all things health and fitness related. When she isn’t eating something strange and healthy looking, you’ll find her thrift shopping or getting out in nature.

Favourite place she’s travelled to: India


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