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protect winter skin

Protecting winter skin

You might think your skin needs more hydration during summer, but winter can be just as bad, if not worse. Read our top six tips for saving your skin from the icy cold fingers of winter.

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Spice up your greens

From steaming to stir-frying, there are many different ways to lock in nutrients and bring out the delicious natural taste of veggies. Try these techniques next time you go green.

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Debt proof your relationship

Avoid fighting over the monthly credit card statement with these top tips on how to talk about money with your partner and debt-proof your relationship.

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indoor air quality

Is your home air polluted?

Did you know that our indoor environment can be two to five times more toxic than our outdoor environment? Indoor pollution can cause serious harm to our health, and considering that 80% of all cancers are attributed to environmental rather than genetic factors, we really need to think about the carcinogenic ...
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food not to feed dog

Human foods to keep away from your dog

We all know that dogs shouldn't eat chocolate, but are you aware of the other common human foods that you should never feed your dog? Some foods that we eat can be lethal to your dog, so although you may consider them a member of the family, feeding them your dinner ...
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Find your horoscope

Your weekly horoscope

Read our professional breakdown of what the moon and planet alignments mean for you this week. What should you be looking out for?

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